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Besides the dealership does anyone know where to get a manual for a 98+ GS 300?

I have two '99 GS 300 owner's manuals. I would be willing to sell one of them. This is only the owner's manual and does not include the service maintenance manual. I purchased this from a dealer a month ago and then I located the original manual that came with the car. If you are interested, let me know.

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your right

there are lots of people ripping of others on ebay selling manuals they ahve kept rather than selling them with the car.

Luckly lexus offers them for free when you register the car with tehm .This also gives you direct mailings for any warranty work and anyother needed service for tehm to get in touch with you.Don;t worry it is not some stupid mailing list either .Only detremental mailings will be sent.

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