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  1. Help me I have a 98 GS 300 and its time to do the timing belt I am a do-it yourselfer and I just cant bring my self to go to the dealer for a shop manual and spend 150+ .If anyone could help me out and e-mail them or point me in the direction to obtain this info it would be greatly appreciated Scott
  2. Besides the dealership does anyone know where to get a manual for a 98+ GS 300?
  3. is ther a reason that you wouldn't do the timing belt.I have done them on 2.3 fords and 1.8 fords is there something difficult with this 3.0 motor? thanks again scott
  4. Its a 1998 GS300 with a factory alarm. The problem is not only with the keyless entry but with the lock switch in the doors. Is there a way to test the switch or the relay separatly. thanks for your tome Scott
  5. HI I have one more question. My drivers door and the passenger rear door no longer lock when you set the alarm. Has anyone come across this problem before? Scott
  6. Hello, I'm new to the group and looking for advice on doing the maintenance on a 98+ GS 300.I have worked on cars all my life but never on a car so complex.Has anyone done the 60-90k tuneup? and if so what does it entail? thanks Scott
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