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Hey everybody. Good club.

Recently (and finally) got Lexus for myself. It's LS400 2000 Platinum Edition. I will post pictures as soon I'll take one.

Car is amazing. The only one thing is surprised me that Platinum edition does not have Navigation system. Since here a lot of experienced Lexus owners I want to ask is it possible to get and install original LS400 Navigation system and is it compatible with Nakamichi system installed there? And if yes where I can get it?

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My understanding is that the audio system that came with the navigation system in the 2000 LS is not compatible with the Nakamichi system and that it might have to be a complete swap. According to the repair manual, the same amplifier is used with the standard audio system whether or not it has the navigation system.

The only reason I know this is that I recently tried to hook up an interface harness that I bought from a U.K. company for my Nokia phone car kit to my 2000 LS Nakamichi amp. It was supposed to plug into the "A" and "B" connectors. According to drawings in the repair manual the phone interface harness appears to be compatible with the A and B connectors on the standard audio system's amp (with or without Nav) but not the Nakamichi amp. There are five connectors on the amp of the Pioneer amp but only four on the Nakamichi amp - only one connector is the same on both system's amps. The rest of the connectors are a different shape although the total number of pins on the amps of the two systems is the same. So apparently the cables between the head units and the amps are also different between the standard audio (with and without Nav) and the Nakamichi.

Given enough time and money, I'd bet that the Nav system could be retofited. In hindsight I probably should not have excluded cars with Nav from my search. I still do not know how well the Nav systems in the 90-00 LS work and only avoided them because of nav system update issues of other cars of that era. I've seen photos of aftermarket Nav systems that have been placed on a "Pro-fit style" bracket by the radio where I have my phone - they looked nice. Garmin of course is probably the most well known maker of aftermarket Nav's. Attached is a photo of where my phone is which is where I've seen a Nav unit mounted.

Sounds like an interesting project!



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im not sure if its possilble, the reason why lexus dumped nakamichi and went with mark levinson is because nakamichi was not compatible with lexus GPS system. i think 2k model with gps has mark levinson or pioneer and not nakamichi thus making any changes very difficult. its also really hard and expensive to do yearly updates due to that the whole unit has to be taken out and chip or harddrive has to be replaced, while in mb you just have to get a new cd

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I passed on the NAV as did 1990LS400.........

MY reasons were:

I just liked the looks of the dash without it.

Knew it was $300+ for each upgrade.

It is a Harddrive system (select to Lexus) so I couldn't get it done cheaper.

Was worried the screen would burn out....and..

The display reminded me of the old video game 'METEORIOD" - (remember that one..)


The new ones are CD based and have killer displays :D

Welcome to LOC! Enjoy the ride :lol:


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