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Ls400 1999 Emblem Removal


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I bought a new set of gold LS400 gold emblem and I notice that each of the emblem has 2 little pins in the back (look to me like they use as guided pins) So

the question is how can I remove the old emblem? Any instructions or pictures, would be greatly appreciated.


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I wouldn't glue them on because it might remove the paint if it gets stolen or needs to be removed. There is the special 3m double sided tape which is cheap and works amazing.wal mart should have it and all body shops have it just ask they might give it to you for free. or atleast $5

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a while back i put the LS400 emblem on my 92 LS which came stock without that emblem.

all i did with some advice of the LOC was grind off the studs and square it up with a leveler, ruler, and white pencil and stuck it on with the provided 3m tape.

that was about months 4 ago, and its still holding strong with no signs of weakness B)

worked out great

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I didn't buy--was on car when I got it about 4 yrs. ago--was part of a gold package obtained from the Dealer. But I took off and reinstalled when the trunk lid was repainted. My trunk lid and the recycled one installed did not have holes.

Am I hearing that the dealers have no NOS available? The holes were never in the trunk for this emblem(on mine anyway); seems like I have seen some with the LS400 emblem only--and NOT the Lexus emblem !!!! Ask the online dealers if they have it.

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