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  1. Follow up a year later: the chrome tape is still like new, no adhesion problems, or any problems with it. Just to advise since I started this post.
  2. This looks like a bargain purchase>>> >>>
  3. I think I would pay $1000 for chrome wheels if I didn't have to change tires, balance, and all that stuff. I come from a chrome wheel family; even my '93 LS400 had factory Chrome on it and I never saw any others in the 12 years I had it. Painted wheels are CHEAP looking. I have painted WOOD wheels on my '31 Franklin !!!
  4. Follow up after 4 months: The tape I put on the grill is just as it was the first day I put it on. It has been thru many 'no-touch' spray car washes since then. There is no loss of adhesion anywhere nor any bubbles. SO, I can recommend, without reservation, this product for someone who wants a chrome-like grill on their ES350. There is enough tape on the roll for several friends 350s.
  5. for tires: balance by Hunter 9700 Road Force ; nothing else will do. Enter that into Google and look at the videos, etc.
  6. Comment on pro/con of these chips, etc. Thanks~~ Thought this would come up in forum search but nothing did. >>>
  7. I walked into that one !!! Shows you that I sure don't hang-out at a Lexus Dealer; all I see are photos. Well,since it is paint then it should be chrome tape--much better than paint--'plastic'~~~heck, folks are covering their entire front ends in the clear stuff for durability. But the silver looks to me better than the grey or is it gray (whatever) paint and bars APPEAR to look bigger in the photos; maybe it is the angles.
  8. Changed the top and bottom full-length bars from the tape to the chrome extruded pieces avail on eBay (had a set of LS400 unused). Worked fine; shapes at ends real well. Note that the grill kits will not fit well abuting the Lexus center logo; they are too thick and would stick up above the circle; the tape fits flat and it looks stock. I am extremely happy the way it did. Did anchor the outer ends of the tape with clear Goop under the grill surround edge as a safety measure. Now the 2008 looks almost like the later models which as I recall have chrome grill bars. The 2011 has even thicker chrome bars, so someone thinks chrome is the way to go. Have gone thru several power pressure car washes with out a problem, plus I have about 25+ feet left on the tape roll if I ever need more.
  9. I will be taking this off; not sticking good. Will be installing the Chrome strips avail. on eBay. Had bought strips for the LS400 but transmission went out and I had to buy the ES, so checked those and they will fit with several left over. Purchase was to replace the ones I had used for about 10 years sucessfully. SO: Do not use tape for this purpose. After 2 months of use and several power car washes the tape is still very good with NO problem. I did install the eBay strips on the continous top bar and bottom bar. I am extremely happy with the installation so my concern was for naught.
  10. Hold off until I test this for a while--I prefer a thicker mylar tape than I got; it is real thin. In mean time will look for thicker tape. Has anyone used the grill strips sold on eBay?? I used them on my old LS400 and they were super(lasted for years), but not sure how they would fit on the ES. Or if anyone knows of a source of a thick mylar chrome tape, send me a message.
  11. All it takes is 1/2" wide chrome tape (JCWhit) and a little time. 1st photo: stock 2nd photo: top two bars covered 3rd photo: Completed
  12. This is the photo of the SMART CARD KEY that is to be carried in the wallet to eliminate any worry; however it is not free !!! :)
  13. I check Sewell's website and verified that they sell a credit card key for the ES350: If you buy from Sewell be sure to register to get discounted prices. The Key in the page above is the key referred to in the first post. Futher research did indeed find the SMART CARD KEY that is electronic and a "credit card" to be carried in the wallet(a super product). However, it is extremely expensive. Here is that page for a 2008 ES350. You will have to back-up for other years and models>>>
  14. A Credit Card metal key for a Lexus is being sold by Sewell and others; goes in a credit card plastic holder I assume. Question: what is the purpose of this?? Infinity autos will start by inserting the metal key in a special place and then pushing the Start button. This in case you lose the Smart Key and have to fetch the spare "hidden" metal key to get home. Does the Lexus ES350 have this ?; perhaps the credit card key works like an Infinity on another model? Maybe I am phobic about being in the boonies,losing the smart key and all the metal key would do is allow me to get inside the car !! Don't believe Lexus has an automatic start OnStar service!! Anyone ever had to walk home? Am I pole vaulting over rat do?
  15. Wish a search here could have found this before I had to buy these plugs; it didn't(maybe I didn't know what name to search for). Anyway, I didn't have to paint pearl paint on them and that is why I bought these; the plugs(covers) are certainly a good and low cost fix. PS: I have had the car for 2 weeks; it was leased new for almost 3 years by the dealer I bought the car from. I suspect that the front tag holder was installed to advertise the dealership which is what it was doing when I bought the car after it was turned in. May be very common practice because there are many many Lexus cars here with the front holders and this is a NO FRONT TAG state !! But after all, the leased car belongs to the dealer!!
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