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  1. thanks guys, i see there ARE some of my old buddies still around, cool deal i don't have any pics yet, but if you are interested shoot me a PM and i'll send u some over via email take care guys :D
  2. heck i don't even know if any of the old members that know me are still around, as i'm not here anymore, but for those of you that are:::::: Well i traded in my LS was time for her to go with 160,000 miles on her and it being 13 years old, and little things started to go, and it started to *BLEEP*s me off, so i got rid of her. i got 5 years of use out of it, and it was a great car, but it was def. time to upgrade. i got a 2003 Tahoe Z71 package, peal white with tan leather...fully loaded to the top. i got a GREAT deal on her, and she has 45K miles on her. I'm no longer a Lexus Owner :( I'm sure i'll get another in the future though
  3. apply the touchup in several layers, it up above the original paint, let dry for a while, then take a sanding pen and spot sand the touchup paint. you can use soap and water as well if you would like, i never do, but it would be safer, if you are a novice. then after you get the touch up paint blended in to about the right level of the origanal paint, take some rubbing compound or a nice scratch remover and buff it out a couple of times to get the scratch marks off. if you have a buffer or porter cable like i do, then even better, just buff the spot out, starting with a harsher compound moving to a lighter compound in stages. i've done this method many many many times, with great results, you can't even tell there was ever touchup paint there. good luck
  4. Outstanding Blake :D keep her rollin on buddy........
  5. to be honest there is no point to the question, not all questions and posts around here are "please help me fix this or that" or "help me find this or that" those questions are fine but on a lighter note, just looking to see if anyone used low grade gas regularly in the LS and if so the isn't a physics question. ;) seems most all of the other members understood. if you arent smart enough to understand the question, then don't reply, i didn't ask for you to mock me about the simple question i was asking, and i don't appreciate your sarcastic remarks for all the other members and "Loc vets" that responded with usefull info i appreciate it, i found it very interesting.
  6. your reply was very informative......and was exactly the kind of response i was looking for........thanks for sharing :D
  7. i'm not asking for oppinions on what you think between 87 and up gas, thats been addressed a 100 times or "its my baby, or its a lexus" and whats the extra money.....yada offense but thats also been addressed 100 times. :D and obviously everyone knows what the manual reccomends........ in lue of this thread being a broken record, lets please stop replies of that nature ;) lets keep it to replies of people who use or have used 87 octane gas in your LS, which there were some valid replies ie.....Ron and Shadow, very interesting, thanks for staying on the specific topic..... :D i'm asking who uses 87 octane regularly in there LS.......... anyone else?
  8. Just wandering how many if any of my fellow LS owners use or have used 87 octane in your cars? personally i've never put anything less than 93.......but i'm just curious. if so, have or did you notice any difference in the engine response and/or "pinging" of the engine, so to speak.
  9. man if you are needing all of those repairs done.......plan on coming up with some dough.....unfortunately, thats gonna cost an arm and a leg to have all those issues fixed in one setting, start with the majo issures first ie.....rear main seal leak, that alone is gonna cost some serious dough........ then go from there in order of importance, and or safety. sorry man, but good luck
  10. you already asked this question today.......... no need to ask the same question again....... if anyone had any info they would have added it.
  11. yeah IMO the darker the better, it just looks good......i've had 10% on all my cars besides this one...but i was alot younger, nowadays i would just stick to whats legal in your state. but the darker the better...... :whistles: well i don't know best buy might can do a good job, i think i will probably go to an upscale reputable, audio place.....and make sure u get a quality system.. no cheapos. your welcome bud, anytime..........the tint is really gonna set that pearl paint off.
  12. i agree 100% remote start would be nice, just make sure you get a quality system, and a good pro to install i've heard horror stories about those from time to time, burning up starters and such..... actually Linux, with the pearl white paint, some tinted windows would REALLY set it off and make it look really clean. IMO good luck
  13. i think so, i mean thats all the bells and whistles...... just depends on what route you want to take the car.......aftermarket look, or OE classy LS style.....
  14. i'm with you all the way.......keep it true, and stick with you said its just a lot classier and cleaner looking than going the aftermarket route........ IMO it just throws off the whole concept and purpose of the LS400 when you add 20 inch chrome aftermarket wheels ect...... but go with the ones i showed you.......those are sooooo sweet.....i will eventually put those on mine. do you have the 98-00 5 stars? like mine?............those wheels in chrome are the business.
  15. read the pinned thread at the top of the LS section under "performance and recommended part sources" .......i listed some very good new and used LS part vendors.
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