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  1. i had a question about my IS 300... THE A/C turns on by itself and does a rumbling almost like a searching sound when it's off. email back at please, becuase my cig. ligher blew the fuse again and my battery was drained this morning :/

  2. I would sincerely appreciate it if the "powers that be" would now go ahead and ban me, so there is no "temptation", permanently from the LOC. Please. Enough is enough. My current password is: c210 Anyone, other than moderators, who feels I should not be allowed to post at LOC.....
  3. IMNSHO the GS450h is 'WAY over-powered and a horrible prostitution of the use of the HSD concept. I am normally an advocate of RWD (as opposed to the "other" choice) but it seems to me that the absolutely STELLAR level of low-end torque provided by the GS450h's electrics would be really hard to tame absent a very quick reacting TC, Traction Control, system. So be prepared to either switch TC off or spend a lot of time "feathering" the throttle in attempting, I suspect mostly unsuccessfully, to defeat TC. I also consider the RX400h just another prostitution of the HSD concept, TOO much power,
  4. If your's is a '99 or '00 RX300 with 140,000 miles and the transaxle hasn't yet been overhauled then be prepared to shell out ~$4500.00, if not now then soon..... '01 to '03 RX300 then only "soon".
  5. Given the history, forum posting history, for the 2001 RX300 if mine had that kind of mileage I'd be overhauling the transaxle. Have you checked the ATF fill level or condition..?? ATF should be mostly clear/transparent and light pink in color. With the ignition switched on but no engine start make sure all the instrument panel diagnostic lights/icons illuminate.
  6. Personally I'm ignoring the 15k "rule" in favor of just watching out for a change in the ATF condition, appearance and odor/smell. At only ~40,000 miles mine was dark and smelled burned. I'm now at 70,000 miles and the ATF doesn't yet quite meet my drain and refill criteria.
  7. In the early models you had to use a small object, say a flat blade screwdriver and press down really hard on the shift lock release if the brake light circuit solenoid doesn't release it automatically.
  8. I my experience you seem to be describing normal, perfectly normal LS HVAC operation. The OAT, Outside Air Temperature, Sensor is in the HVAC control loop. With it already fairly warm outside the system isn't very likely to provide really warm (discomforting for many of us.) airflow. Except, as you noted, at EXTREME settings in relation to the (already warm, warmish) temperature of the incomng FRESH airflow. And then if the sun was shining brightly (it does that in the evening a lot during our long summer days) the HVAC's solar radiation sensor will even be in the act to "tone down" the leve
  9. "without burning as much gas as a normal luxury car." Maybe my '92 LS400 isn't "normal" but with only 248HP it gets ~25 MPG hwy and has all the "luxury" appointments and conveniences I could wish or want for. I owned a MY 2000 GS300 for a year or so and found it just as luxurious and "fun" to drive as most any car in that class. Can you imagine the STELLAR FE that could be achieved by limiting the GSh's HP/torque equivalence to, say, 300..?? Or given the size/weight in relation to my 248HP LS400 why not a GS250h...?? Just what additional "thrill" do you get with a GS450h that you wouldn't
  10. The only "light" you should be interested in, focussed on, initially, is the CEL, all the others are simply defaults with the CEL on. The VSC "alone" could very well be the result of a stearing system misalignment from the manhole cover. If the stearing wheel isn't centered when the vehicle is going straight forward..... And a "weak" battery can/will most definitely result in random faults "popping" up, sometimes many all simultaneously. With the first sign of that kind I almost always swap in a battery from one of our other vehicles and if that solves the problem it time for a trip to Cost
  11. Was this intended to be "addressing" me...?? "evap is the reciever drier..." This statement "loses" me completely.
  12. According to EPRI the OVERALL efficiency of the US commercial power grid is only about 40% The availability of nuclear power generation will not change that aspect, only a reduction in the emissions level. More accurately stated, a reduction in atmospheric emissions in trade for an increase in radioactive material storage and disposal problems. I think we'll see a move to CNG powered vehicles long before electric only.
  13. While the Toyota HSD system is fully optimized, FULLY optimized, for use/driving in city stop and go traffic, that is often not the case for freeway use/driving. Absent the ability for the use of regen capability to recover energy otherwise lost to heat there is little reason to optimize the HSD system for freeway use, it will always come out slightly on the negative side when compared to non-hybrid vehicles of roughly overall equivalence. Even simply cruisng along on a level roadbed at a relatively constant speed the CVT's electric motor(s) must remain powered, consuming power, althought t
  14. No, the GS450h, as is the LS600h, and to a lesser extend the RXh and HH, or an absolute ABUSE of hybrid technology insofar as global warming consciousness is concerned. "..Ultimate in cool.." Not by my standards.
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