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Modify Rx400F From Fwd To Awd

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All sorts of wiring, probably a new computer, maybe new suspension (likely new hubs at least - to connect the driveshafts to) much money do you have? Easier to trade yours in for an AWD probably..

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I agree...this isn't an old Bronco, I would not mess with an RX and especially a hybrid RX. Trade it in. I personally don't need AWD with a luxury hybrid SUV...maybe get a Jeep? Subaru?

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I have a 2006 RX 400h FWD (Front Wheel Drive). I see that it is possible to get the rear differential from an AWD for a reasonable price. What more would I need to replace to do this modification?

"..rear differential from an AWD.."

REAR differential...?

The first problem would be finding a '99 or '00(***) PTO, Power Take Off, that will mate up mechanically with the hybrid's CVT/PSD transaxle.

*** '99 and '00 were the only RXes with a somewhat fucntional VC, Viscous Clutch, within the PTO. But then that, fucntional AWD, was part of the reason for so many premature transaxles failures for the '99 especially and to some extent for the '00.

The 2010 and after are the only RXes with a decently functional "AWD" system.

I keep hoping for a hybrid Venza but with its mechanical rear drive system. Maybe even with the Venza's new I4 but upgraded to DFI.

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What he really means is the MGR (motor generator rear) in Toyota hybrid speak - but I think when he said differential, we all knew what he was talking about. On the hybrid, the rear differential (MGR) is electric and not mechanically connected to a front tranaxle or tranfer case etc.

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