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  1. I was researching RX 330s at the time as was looking for things to watch out for. Must say since then I have searched and found for that matter, whatever I have needed to find, from actuator repairs to NAV screen shortcuts. I think tha this site is a great source of info.
  2. Fair enough... Good luck. Stay with in the speed limit for your sake and others.
  3. CD, it's comments like that, that are showing your ignorance. Re-read my post, better yet I'll post it below so you don't have to scroll. No body is denying what YOUR point was in posting, we get it, perfomance cars going fast blah blah... I'm talking about while you did this, it seems to show some of your FUNDAMENTAL misunderstandings in the way that it went down. I'm not a heck of a lot older than you, but we just want you to LEARN, or perhaps TAKE AWAY something here... :chairshot: :chairshot: It's very frustrating for me to hear... "I know driving fast is insane" to me that's
  4. I couldn't resist replying here... I think what the take away here for you CDULUK is that... On the roads, there are the "laws" legally speaking and then there is courtesy and the unwritten rules of the road. Fair enough that you were both over the limit and there fore he couldn't legally pass you, however based on common sense and courtesy, you should've simply moved over. And THEN if you so chose floor it, but only after you moved. Really it is as simple as that. Imagine for a second, a Lambo doing 100mph down the road in the passing lane and a Ferrari comes flying up behind him. Wh
  5. Turn your ignition on and set your odometer so that it is on the actual reading not a trip. Then: With the ignition off, hold down (push in) the trip reset button. Continue to hold it in as you start the car. I hold it in for about 10 seconds, you will see the odometer flash(reset has occurred) and then your light will be off.
  6. Only real solution here is replacement of the unit. There are some band aid type fixes you could try, but itll probably be more of a headache than it's worth. Now the question is how hard and where you look for that replacement. If I were you, I would replace the bulb for now, to keep you going, and then search for a replacement unit. I'd search wreckers, and ebay to start. You'd be surprised what you find online. Get the part # for the unit in question and search on that, not just a generic Headlight for RX type of search. And if you just stay persistent and diligent on the search, you
  7. Hmm seems strange, but I have ran into this before. On a different vehicle, exactly what you are describing would occur. It would loose charge really quick. Wouldn’t seem to charge well. I had the battery replaced, alternator replaced and still it had the issue. Didn’t see any oxidation on the terminals. Turns out there was oxidation on the terminal wire, not on the terminal side, but where the negative attached to the body. I couldn’t even see that, luckily my dad’s mechanic figured it out (sometimes old school thinking is a good thing). Any way I replaced both positive and negativ
  8. Strangely, In my case my seats memory has gotten erased a 3-4 times in the last year as well. I always amounted it to my 3 year old that sometime likes to play driver while I do other stuff in the garage, so I just re-train the buttons and I seem to be fine. But maybe there is more to it.
  9. I'm sorry but I don't understand how people still run out of gas... really? I recall the days when I first got my $300 beater in highschool and my buddies and I would scrounge together what we needed to get to where we had to go... So yah we ran out of gas occasionally, but it was part and parcel of the choices we were making. I think i've learnt since then. Any ways that was a nice story, I haven't ran out of gas in over 25 years of driving... should I be pround of myself... :whistles:
  10. Fold the seat down, crawl through the inside. Better yet, get a kid to do it. There should be a release, but if there's not atleast you got your goroceries out.
  11. I'd be surprise if there is noticeable diference between the 350 and the 400h as far as AWD goes. In my opinion, the RX series in general handle both Ice and snow fairly well, depending on your winter rubber. Also I find that the ground clearance is not all that great, I have been almost stuck in my RX snow boarding, when the cleaners hadn't got out to the lot yet, and I had to plow trhough it. But other than that I've been good to go. Over all considering the vehicle, it does well.
  12. Or they simply disconnected the battery fro a few minutes and thereby reset ALL user/owner selected parameters... Highly unlikely...
  13. Still kind of strange though, you shouldn't really have to do that. Maybe they weren't on properly when you got the car. I know a lot of people remove them and only put them on when the need to attach ski racks or a cargo box. I'd try to put them back on your self, and ensure that they are on proper and tight, and I bet the noise will no longer be there. my .02
  14. my thoughts also... I've got a 04 RX330 bought it new, and no issues what so ever. Just the regular maintenance. Oh and I had to replace the rear door actuator. But that's it. My wife and I both love it. If one is to buy used then there is always risk and a potential case of not knowing the true history. I prefer new for that reason and the piece of mind. But obviously there is a cost associated with it. Having said that there are ways to buy used and be safe. But I do however find it interesting how, someone who buys a USED vehicle, with high mileage, probably with out any servic
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