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New Stereo In My Sc400

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i have a 93 sc400 which came with the nakamichi system. i love the car but i don't need a cassette player and i don't like a cd changer. the rear speakers also didn't work but the subwoofer was fine.

supposedly the stereo is a real headache to install. last week i went shopping.

this is what i got:

kenwood cd-receiver kdc-x769

kenwood speakers in the back

sirius tuner

jl amplifier in the back.

what did it cost? with installation and a year of Sirius service well over a grand - but it is a lexus. the head unit is a little busy looking -- you need a phd work it correctly. the satellite radio is a nice convenience, too.

the head unit folds up and retracts into the dashboard when you turn off the ignition. between that and the steering wheel ... its like being in a spaceship.

the old head unit is free to anyone who pays the shipping. i'll take out the change when the weather gets warmer.

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i don't have a digital camera, otherwise i'd post a picture. i think the oem looked a lot better - but i know some of you guys like all the buttons displays, etc. i like a more simple control panel.

the antenna is placed on the rear trunk. it looks like a computer mouse and i'm not too enthused with it. it seems to be working well. supposedly, they'd done the same installation on other SCs so its a good location. i took it through a car wash and it was fine, too.

the satellite radio is really nice to have -- i'll say that much. no commercials and clear consistant reception.

oh - and it has a remote control too. i don't know if its any safer. its supposed to be safer.

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