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  1. My rotors we easily replaced by me and a friend and the new drilled one went on fine too.
  2. I had the dealer do my 93 sc400 w/ 141k miles ,full flush for $225.00 a few months ago and i haven't had any issues so far.
  3. good question. I have mine in the front passanger window. I have read a post a few months ago about some one who secured it to the pasanger sun visor and could flip it down when a LEO came along or up and out of the way the rest of the time.
  4. Not sure but a free try is to disconnect your battery from the car for a minute or two. This will wipe the processor back to ffactory and if you had bad gas recently, the computer will !Removed! the engine to keep it from getting damaged. I think you loose about 20-40 horse when the cpu retards the engine from this bad gas detection function. It won't hurt but you will have to reset your clock and raio stations.
  5. Thanks, i have the same issue and couldn't figure it out last weekend.
  6. I have seen several on ebay! good luck. I think 1 of the sellers said to ask and they would tell you how to program the new key with the old one.
  7. No one has a clue about this part? :(
  8. My outside mirrors don't work but the fuses are fine and the little switch seems to read voltage changes so i think its ok. I have read on another thread that a common problem is the mirror computer located somewhere in the dash. Does anyone know the part # and or where it is located in the car? I am going to talk to the dealer but they are usually vauge on part #'s and prices are crazy. Any help would be good. Thanks in advance.
  9. Anybody have any more ideas? I have the same problem and would like to fix it. How about part #'s of the "control box" mentioned by bubbles?
  10. If it doesn't say Nachamiki on the face plate, its not. Its a pioneer then.
  11. Yeah part # looks valid. If you are going to try it yourself, call these guys for price on the part. They have good prices on oem toyota / lexus parts. 323-755-2755 They quoted me a lower price on a tranny part than the dealer.
  12. Be aware of the other little things that wear out with age and miles. drive it on a road with some dips and bumps (not smooth). Listen for creaks and how it handles. If its noisy or jumps a little, it may need bushings and or shock mount cushions. Bear in mind that nothing on a Lexus is cheap to replace or repair. Also, the insurance is going to likely be higher than a same age non lexus. As an example, i had a 2 year old saturn and the lexus insurance is MORE. The lexus is a 93 sc400. They are good cars but they still are getting older like every thing else, not just the motor. Good luc
  13. That would be awsome man!!!! I am surely interested in the clips. Thanks and let me know. :D
  14. Will check w/ pep boys and napa. The dealer wants $44 for the front set. I can buy the whole set of front pads and clips aftermarket for that price.
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