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  1. I tried replacing the stock 10 (i also have a nakamichi system) with a free air 10" rockford and it had trouble pushing that so I went back to stock and it sounded better I would reccomend upgrading the amp at the same time you buy a bigger sub Do you know what would happen if i replaced my premium sound sub with an aftermarket one that isn't free air? Also wanted to know if it would be possible to build an enclosure in the stock space. Thanks. YOu would run into the same problem off pushing the sub with any kind of nice sound without replacing the amp as well. There is no room to mount an encloused sub where the free air one is becasue the gas tank is directly below it and you only have about 1/2 inch inbetween the bottom of the sub and the top of the gas tank Thanks for the sound advice You are welcome
  2. I concur, The amp location is deplorable in the early sc's. They always get wet and fry. If you find out that is the problem I will get you a amp that works with the waterproofing instructions. ;) I've already replaced mine. What waterproofing procedures do you advise? Thanks in advance. Where were you able to find your amp I am currently looking for one as well!
  3. I tried replacing the stock 10 (i also have a nakamichi system) with a free air 10" rockford and it had trouble pushing that so I went back to stock and it sounded better I would reccomend upgrading the amp at the same time you buy a bigger sub
  4. So yeah about 3 months ago i ordered new suspension and a strut tower brace from luxurymods.com they use to be lexuspros.com and then were sold. as lexuspros i never had an issue with them. Now it sucks. I had to stay on top of them always emailing to find out the status of my order and to get the tracking number. Then one month later i got my springs and shocks but no strut tower brace. well several emails 2 more months and loss of patience i finally get the strut tower brace with new end brackets. I sent them an email and they replied use the orginals. Right well the orginals dont mount up to the strut tower bar duh because there is no screw on the end of the orginals to screw into the brace. Secondly the brace doesnt even seem long enough this is such bull *BLEEP* just thought i would warn everyone else of my crappy experince!
  5. i would have to agree with tom here i would have your alt. tested to see if it is putting out a charge
  6. Huh this usually is a problem with all features cd tape and radio, cutting in out , which usually is related to a wiring harness connection found below your rear seat. but if you only have it happening durning fm channels you might want to try contacting lextreme.com they seem to know the stereo problems pretty well
  7. Not worth $30000 but not to far off if you ask me i have seen a few 1999/2000 fully loaded with all the toys ( i know there were not many options but for the sake of this argument we will say what you are looking at also has everything) for around 24-28000 so with neogations maybe you are in the right ballpark
  8. Hello everyone i know one of you must have some info on this.....like the mods you guys are always helpful.... :D
  9. Ahhh yes the good ol tune up if you contact your local lexus dealer they will usually give you a lengthy list of everything that needs to be done at 120k that is what i did and then slowly started checking off the list one by one. You may want to check your timing belt at this point too if you have not already had it changed recently.
  10. Does anyone have a link to site on some info about flushing and bleeding the brakes in a 1992 SC400?
  11. Just what i needed thanks a bunch
  12. lexuspros.com still carries them instock i think they may have changed their name but i just ordered mine from them.
  13. Hello Everybody Its been awhile since i have done any posting but i am in need of some advice. I have new suspesion to put into my 1992 SC400 but i have hit a problem. I was able to drop the old shock and strut just fine with the help of a BFH. (by the way i am working on just the front springs and shocks right now) but now i cannot get the new suspension in. I can not get the shock to pass the spring into the top mount at all. do i need to take off the lower control arm to do this? as that seems to be what is stopping me from going straight up through the spring into the mount all help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Whats up everybody as some of you may remember awhile back I was going to sell my SC400 good news is never did figured out how to keep it and put it in storage for now. I am no wondering if anybody has a set of performance headers for a 1992 SC400 yet last time i checked a few people sounded like they may have some in the works but i lost touch. Any usefull information on headers would be grealty appreciated
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