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  1. the IS is a very nice car. i had one as a loaner for a couple of days. not to put a fine point on it - but its not really fair to compare the top of the Lexus line with bottom of the Lexus line. I like the SC and the cash. I can live without the new car smell and the new gadgets.
  2. i don't want to burst your bubble because i'm going to try what you suggest but - people remove the headlights and do the oven treatment because the lamps leak and water gets in them. your method won't help that - unless i'm missing something.
  3. i'll answer you since no one else has ... i have the same car as you. i love it. take care of it and it will take care of you. i'm no mechanic and i've been able to do a lot of things pretty easily. it's really well made. parts fit together and you won't find rust or corrosion. We all seem the have the same problems - The headlights you figured out. The instrument cluster and climate control can be replaced/fixed by lextech. i just did my instrument cluster and they did the work within a week. The dealer does almost everything. they will treat like like a king. the lexus dealer
  4. i'm happy with the one i got from
  5. i put in the one from rod millen. it was kind of pricy and the delivery took too long. it didn't make much of a difference. if i weren't so lazy i would have done a bfi. i still may.
  6. i think i have a similar problem. its like the engine hiccups or catches its breath. its not the the 02 sensors or the tp sensor because i had those changed. the dealer has never witnessed the car doing this, BTW so they probably think i'm nuts. anyway, i just had the torque converter changed to the one with the higher stall speed. i'm still having the same problem. searching throught the forum, to me, it sounded like the idle control sensor - valve whatever needed cleaning/replacement. i have to ask the dealer the next time i'm there.
  7. is the passenger seat just as easy to remove - aside from weighing a lot? i have the same problem. the dealer gave me a $1200 price - but that's from someone they outsource to and is probably for a new seat. even the dealer thought it was ridiculous. i got a new track and motor on e-bay. i'd do it myself - if i could find the bolts but the seat doesn't move.
  8. i just had a lextreme torque converter put in my sc400. lextreme was very fast with shipping the TC and giving me credit for the core. my installation was a little more than i had hoped but it was still well worth it. Here are the approximate numbers. TC was $395 - $175 = $220 installation = $500 shipping to return TC = $55 the car is a lot more responsive.
  9. about a year ago i had 2 o2 sensors and a tps replaced and it wasn't cheap. that was because the trac light was stuck on. those are the breaks. less than a month ago i had my rear pads replaced - now the brake light is coming on and off. there's plenty of fluid and everything feels fine. i love my car and have it dealer-serviced. its suddenly looking like a money pit and it only has 140,000 miles. do any of you gents have any ideas? while we're at it - how hard is the passenger seat to remove? the track is apparently no good. i got a replacement for $120 on ebay. call me nai
  10. My CHECK ENGINE and TRAC OFF light were lit. I went to the dealer. They put in a new TPS, cleaned my throttle body and installed two 02 sensors. This set me back over $1,000. The car feels almost exactly the same - except now there's a hesitation when accelerating. Not a hard acceleration, either. If the tach is at 1500, its almost like the car is taking a breath and the tach goes down to 1,000 and jumps back up. It doesn't matter whether the ECT is on or off. The gas is the same - premium plus I put in dry gas periodically. I have to try it using cruise control. It doesn't appea
  11. thanks for your answer. i agree. OEM is probably best.
  12. i'm no mechanic and changed mine -- it was easy. make sure you get the gasket. there are instructions with pictures somewhere in this forum and they were very helpful.
  13. i have to replace my oxygen sensors and my tps. i've heard denso, i've heard bosch. i'm sure there are others. i think the people who designed our cars are geniuses so i'm not particularly inclined to "upgrade" anything. i tend to stick with OEM equipment but i'm not fanatical about it. needless to say the dealer charges too much. if i'm going to replace all of these, what should i get -- call me conservative -- but i'm thinking if i'm doing 2 02s, i might as well do 4. i know the rear 02s last longer than the front ones or so i'm told. i'm also hoping that the is going to make
  14. I had the exact same problem. the dealer says its two 02 sensors and the TPS -- plus there's carbon build up on the throttle body/tps area that needs to be removed. it'll be $1,000. Before they checked it out [for free] they checked to see that the gas cap was on securely. Supposedly that will give a false reading. I'll get it fixed when I round up the money -- in a week or two.
  15. i wound up getting a new heater control valve. it was $385 + tax installed at warnock lexus in livingston, nj. a really good dealer if you need one near NYC.
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