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Xenon Bulbs For 91 Ls400


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I'm going to buy some Xenon HID bulbs for my LS400 off eBay but I'm not sure which one to buy. Any advice would be appreciated.



http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...item=2455026786 (do I need the wiring harness?

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you want super white not blue--assuming they were 100/80

You do not need a wiring harness.

I have run 100/80 ever since I have had the car without it!!! only 7 amps!!

Watch the price and shipping--don't pay more than you can get for at JCW on sale.

OH---these are not HID (or they would be $800.)

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Because of a rather serious vision problem, I spent much of 13+ years experimenting with bulbs on my 90 LS. Frankly, if I had test driven the 90 LS at night, I would not have bought it. It was a frightening to switch from my other cars with Euro code lights. Sadly, the limiting factor is the beam pattern in the lense. You can throw as much wattage as you want at these lenses and you will mainly just get a more glare - especially for on-coming drivers and a bigger "blob" of light. An excellent explanation of this issue is provided by a company I have done business with at --> http://www.susquehanna.com/susq/hella/bulb_help.htm

The best bulbs I found were uncoated "GE 9004 HO" (high output) which had a mix of Xenon and halogen gases. They were relatively inexpensive (about $15 for a 2-pack) but I have not seen them in a while. Fortuanately they seemed to last "forever" compared to the 80/100 bulbs I tried that burned out in a few months. Maybe it was an aberation, but one exploding 80/100 bulb trashed a lens and reflector. Personally, I think the best solution for an early LS is to find complete headlight assemblies from a 93-94 at a junkyard. My understanding is that they had a beam pattern with a sharp cutoff more like Euro code lights and also use 55-60 watt H4 bulbs.

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the exisiting brand i would recommend is MTEC. just search on ebay for a MTEC H4 bulb and buy it. the last much longer then any other brands i tried.as to the HID setup it will cost ya around 400$ the cheapest one and you have to know that its illegal to install them in your car if it didnt come with it from the factory.

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