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  1. My engine has stalled 3 times on my 91 LS400 with 165K during the past 3 months, each about a month apart. First 2 times I was stopped at a light and the engine stalled. The first time started it right up and moved on. Second time, started right up but sputtered along for 200 yards while I was constantly pumping the accellerator to the floor trying to get a response. During those 200 yards, I'd get about a <5% power with the accelator to the floor TWICE. The other 25 or so pumps gave me nothing. So after 200 yards, it stalled, I restarted, problem disappeared. Then 2 days ago, the engine died while I was going 65mph for about 40 minutes. Moved over 3 lanes asap to the shoulder while furiously punching the accelerator with little to no response. During the next 5 minutes, I tried about 10 times to start the car and floor it into traffic but was getting 1% response from my accelerator, inching along at 2-3mph. About half those times, the engine stalled while idling. The other half of the time, the engine will start revving at about 450, then drop to 250 causing the engine to knock and the car to shudder, then either blast off to 1250-1500rpm and then repeat and then maybe repeat again and then die. About the 11th try, I got out of there, floored it to 70, exit was half a mile away, coasted to the light and the car promptly stalled. On the second try, got the car to move 40ft at 2mph furiously slamming the accelerator to the floor, then stall. Dealer was 5 miles away, car stalled maybe 5 times on the way, 3 times at a stoplight (I always stopped off to the side at the light like I was parked in case...) and twice while moving at less than 30mph. Arrived at the dealer, told them they needed to look at it ASAP, they looked at it 2-3 hours later, say it's tip top. Btw, I only use 91 octane. Reading old threads, it appears it could be one of many items at fault. New spark plugs and wires, throttle body needs cleaining, new fuel injectors, new PCV valve (mine does need replacing, over 30K on it I think), and water in the gas tank. Maybe my old gas cap doesn't properly vent and I need a new one. All my stalling incidents occur with 3/8ths or less of gas left in tank. Also, 95LS400Bob has posted "On many vehicles I have worked on that have stalled or quit, that never show a trouble code or a check engine light, that the dealers were always unable to find the problem has always been a crankshaft or camshaft (most engines use one or the other) position sensor." This could be it if it also applies to the 91 LS400 since the dealer can't figure it out. Does anyone know how much an independent Lexus shop should charge for a new camshaft position sensor? Also, what's a fair price for a PCV valve replacement? Thank you all in advance for your insights and I'll definitely keep you posted on my progress.
  2. I'd prefer to send my 91 LS to a good indie shop over a dealer if anyone knows of any. Thanks in advance for your 2c.
  3. Just called 2 dealers and it was confirmed that one of the better filters for the first gen LS400, part# 90915-20004 made in Japan that I believe can only be bought from the dealer, has been discontinued. The dealers, at least these 2 in So. CA have replaced them with oil filter part# 90915-YZZD3 made in Thailand. Does anyone know how the new oil filter compares to the former model in terms of quality? Just to jog your memory, here's what Lexustech2k3 had to say about the now discontinued oil filter: "Ok toyota would have my head for this if they ever found out that i'm letting this little company secret out...(i'm a tech for lexus btw)...but if you go to a Toyota dealership..there "Toyota" brand filters are usually rebadged Fram filters! However if you go to Lexus to buy your filter you will find that even though it also says Toyota on the side it is a genuine Toyota Filter....also if you want a little bit better filtering (in theory) and you own an SC300 buy the V8 filter anyway the mating surface and thread size are exactly the same....i've been doing this and it seems to be working...the only downside is that in cold weater it takes a little longer for the oil to get to the top of the engine so you may want to switch back in winter. Just in case you are curious here is how you can tell the difference between a genuine filter and a knock off...(since they won't tell you) If the filter has plastic on the sealing side and is lubricated it is a genuine toyota filter...however if it doesn't and it's dry that's a fram these are not bad filters but the genuine ones are still much better... Hope this is helpfull!" There's also more info on the 90915-20004 here:
  4. Looking at service records from the 91 LS400 I've had for 2 weeks now, the dealers charged $17.78 for the oil filter so I'll be checking eBay for the 4 for $25 deal, thanks for the heads up. Also thinking about going to Jiffy Lube for my first oil change and bringing my own Toyota oil filter and switching to Mobil 1. Also, the records show that with every oil change at the dealer, a gasket ($2.31) was replaced. Do I need to bring my own or will Jiffy Lube have that? Should the gasket be replaced with every oil change? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for clueing me in. So if I get the real deal, then it'll set me back at least a few hundred dollars, right?
  6. If NASA had simply sent my 91 LS400 to Mars, they wouldn't be dealing with that crapped out rover.
  7. I'm going to buy some Xenon HID bulbs for my LS400 off eBay but I'm not sure which one to buy. Any advice would be appreciated. (do I need the wiring harness?
  8. Here’s my 91 LS400 story for anyone interested. Bought one for $5,100 a few weeks ago in MD from a family friend and shipped it to CA, got it last week. 100% stock, 150K miles, no nak, leather, 6 CD, sunroof, 1 owner, Taupe ex, brown int, integrated car phone which I removed last night, all you need is a Philips screwdriver. Been serviced at Lexus of Rockville every 4-6K miles for its entire life. It blows my mind that there are no rattles. I’m also shocked there aren’t any electrical problems with this car. My 89 BMW 525 power locks is screwed up, sunroof doesn’t open, spits out German words in the LCD readout. The only thing wrong my LS is it appears only one light bulb works in the temp/clock readout, the middle bulb; still can read everything at night even with the dimmer turned down. And the driver seat back power button adjustment is missing so I just have to fool with the metal rods that the button had previously covered to adjust. In the last 15K miles, these have been replaced: the front and rear brakes, the water pump, timing belt, idlers, thermostat, AC compressor, evaporator and expansion valve, magnet clutch assy (what’s that?), receiver tank (what’s that?), rear tires, front lower ball joints, coolant flush. I think I got a good deal. My driving impressions as a first time Lexus owner: luxurious ride, hauls !Removed!, feels as solid as a tank (feels like it weighs 5000+lbs), corners better than I would have thought given the spongy ride. Not only does it feel like a million bucks, I feel like a million bucks when I drive it. Driver seat too springy but not a problem after you’re seated. I plan to own it for at least 10 years. I wonder how much it’ll be worth in 10 years if I take care of it? $1-2K? Couple questions: I think the stock sound system sounds real good already, does the nak sound that much better? Should I have the power steering, differential, and transmission fluid replaced soon? Anyone know an honest independent Lexus service shop in the coastal Los Angeles region? Does an independent shop need special computerized diagnostic equipment to service an LS400? I noticed a shim kit and fitting kit, $35 and $25, respectively, was required for the front brake job. Are these required for every brake job? Thank you kindly in advance for any answers you can provide. Dennis
  9. didn't find that knob on mine either. looks like the phone will be easy to take out. the base on the other hand, may require a hacksaw to remove.
  10. thanks richard for the heads up. i will look for the knob during my lunch break. thanks joe. your post hit while i was thinking the same. since you don't use it either, have you tried to take it out? think it's easy? i haven't tried yet but will give it a shot. also need to remove the cellular antenna from the rear window. any insights are welcome. looks tricky, maybe i'll just get some wirecutters and cut the stem off. thanks guys, dennis
  11. thanks for the clarification silvermate. actually, the loud beep only comes about if you start the engine immediately upon inserting the key in the ignition or just turning it to the furthermost position (position II or III) clockwise without starting the engine. very annoying this beep. checked to see if it still beeped through the rear speakers with the radio turned off, still does. just realized something while typing. this car has the built in car phone and even though there is no service (611 and 911 probably work still), i'm betting that's causing the beep. i'm going to search for info on removing the car phone as it takes up way too much space in the armrest storage.
  12. Hello everyone, Glad I ran into this forum. Just bought a 91 Lexus LS400 Taupe with 150K miles a couple weeks ago. Everytime I start the car or even just turn the ignition all the way without starting the engine, there is this very loud BEEP that appears to be coming from the rear speakers. Is this normal? Can anyone tell me how to turn it off? On a separate topic, the keyless remote works great on my car except there is no one beep for lock and 2 beeps for unlock like my mom's 93 ES300. I'm not sure if I'm locking or unlocking unless I know beforehand if the car is locked or not. Did this car ever beep when locking or unlocking the car using the keyless remote? If so, is it an easy fix? Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light!
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