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2010 Lexus Ls Photos Leaked

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I like the new look although honestly I was hoping for something a little racier. The Night vision is cool although I think I like the old IP better.

L-Select looks like their version of Mercedes Benz' Designo program. Hopefully it will come here.

Are those paddle shifters on the SZ model?

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I like it, I think it's leaning more towards the "stately" side of it's heritage. I'm still not in awe of this design for the LS though, as I still think it mirrors other models too closely. I don't think I could see myself being lured into one. Now, the smaller IS, that's a different story....after we "escape" Chicago in another year or so, I could see a used IS350 with about 30k on the clock in my garage.

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I think I'm going to reserve my opinion about the new LS until I actually have one in front of me that I can sit in and look at from a bunch of different angles. I absolutely love the current LS' lines and overall shape. So the new one is going to have to be very convincing.

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Great video of 2010 models at Lexus' Japan site: www.lexus.jp

It is sufficiently bilingual to navigate the site easily.

Don't know why Lexus USA can't get their site updated. Perhaps the delay is to stoke interest...........but with LS sales down by 50% from a year ago (source: Lexus Enthusiast posting), one would think they would be eager to market. ??

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Its a step in the right direction but no engine upgrade?! If you're going to make a sport model, do it right.

Otherwise its a lame attempt as a poser.

It also stalls sales for those who think that it will be a inevitable upgrade next year. I'll wait till they give it more power....

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