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My stock rims are 16 x 7JJ with 50mm offset. Most of the aftermarket rims that I've seen for our cars have a 38mm to 42mm offset.

Is anyone running a staggered set up? I see that tirerack.com mentions an optional wider rim and tire for the back wheels ... sounds cool although tire/wheel rotation would no longer be practical since many performance tires are directional!! :D

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If the tires are the same width, you can still rotate front to rear, just not cross corner. Most of the wear is caused by the change in direct, camber and caster of the front steering. Unless, you like to do smoking burnouts or slides.

But, you can cross corner rotate by unmounting the tires and remounting them to the appropriate wheel.

Just some thoughts!

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well the 17s look good and all when their stock lexus rims from an is300 or somthing but if your gonna go somethine other than lexus it just looks so much better with the 18s. and im putting 225/40 - 18 on them yokohomas.

and the pics will come when i get a digital camera haha no money for it now.

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