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  1. I'm in the process of reupholstering the seats in my '93 SC400. Back seat is done. Removed the Passenger front seat and was able to recover the back, but I can not figure out how to remove the seat bottoms wrap around trim. I've removed the bottom screws and the buttons. How do you remove the seats tilt lever so that the trim can be removed and the bottom of the seat removed? Thanks for any assistance!!!!
  2. There is no odor with the AC on. The odor appears when I turn off the AC and am using the heat circuit. Thanks for your reply!
  3. My drivers door hinge is worn to the point that the leading edge of the door does not come flush with the front fender. There was a DIY for replacing the bushings in the door hinge on one of the Ausy sites as they do not have this model Lexus in Australia, they have become very creative in working with what they have. The other options is to purchase a new hinge, as I did, from Carson Toyota (cheapest place I found). The problem with replacing the hinge is first having it color painted to the car, then the wiring harness for the door electrics pass through the hinge. So, the door panel has to be removed, remove all the wiring, change the hinge, reroute the wiring, etc.. The SC hinge is probably one of the most elaborate hinges I have ever seen. The SC doors are very heavy and with an articulated hinge, that not only opens the door but also moves it out and away from the body. This is probably from the American Design Studio's (California Designed) perception that all Americans are big and overweight.
  4. If the float is cracked, use some epoxy to seal it back up. Use as little as possible to seal the crack as a thick layer of epoxy could add enough weight to make it read false. There must be coolant in the overflow tank or the light will come on.
  5. I have not been driving my 93 SC400 that much and noticed that I have a stale order coming from the heating ducts. The odor goes away if I turn on the AC. But as soon as I turn the AC off, the odor returns. Is there a drain for the heating circuit that may be clogged and allowing moisture to be trapped in the duct work that would cause this odor? There is no smell of antifreeze, so I do not think the heater core is leaking. It could be the condensation from the AC unit that is leaking into the Heater circuit. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am sick and tired of the two uneffective streams of water that come out when you wash your windshield. Does anyone have the part numbers for the replacements that give you the nice broad misting stream of water? My SC is pearl white, so I guess a black set would do as I do not know if you can get these already color matched. Thanks!
  7. Check out Nexen on Ebay. I recently mounted a set of 18s on my SC400 and the Nexen tires are economical yet have an aggressive tread pattern and nice side wall. They are also rated above average for wear. They ride very well in dry and wet conditions. I liked them so much, I just put a set on my wifes SC430.
  8. This has not been a common problem. The LCD Bleed and lose of backlight have been a problem. If you correct your ground issue and the unit still does not work, then it is probably fried. If so, you could find a unit with the LCD Bleed problem and pick it up rather cheaply and then put your LCD into this unit. It is a lot more expensive to find a CCU with a clear LCD.
  9. They are not fully effective. It is a slight improvement over the constant leak. It doesn't rain on the controls, but it still tends to rain on you leg. If they would mold then to have a little more outward curvature, they would be much more effective.
  10. I purchased a set and was not very happy with them. The contour does not allow them to sit very far from the window. If you crack the window open, there is only about a 1/4" clearance from the edge of the window to the edge of the deflector. Sorry to say I am a smoker and you have to drop the window below the edge of the deflector to get out the window. There should have been more outward curve to the plastic. But, then again, this is the only option fo rdeflectors. So you decide.
  11. The only replacement LCD is for the LS400. The last I checked, no one has done a replacement for the SC400. I purchased a used Climate Control Unit on ebay and then changed the LCD out. There were many more LS400's sold than SC400's. I knoe Intellexual did not sell screens for the SC, only the LS. Good Luck!
  12. If you look in the engine bay, you should see the bubble level used to adjust the vertical of the head lights. Adjust the bubble to the middle should correct this. Then there is another adjustment for the horizontal. It should be pretty obvious if you take a look. Good Luck!
  13. I had an oil leak last year and we determined that I had a rear main seal leak. I had a local shop replace it for $300.00. It then continued to leak for a couple weeks, so I thought this did not fix it. It is fixed, the leak was oil that was still on the chassis. It got less and less until it stopped. I have a little weeping from the front main seal. I'm due a timing belt change next years, so I'll have the front seal replaced then. I just turned over 200,000 miles on my 93 SC400. Great Car!
  14. I don't know the sticker mileage as these are not accurate anyways. They EPA is revamping this standard that was set in the 70's and will change it for the 2007 model year cars. I get from 18-22 mpg and average, most of the time with mixed driving, around 20 mpg.
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