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  1. I have a 95 SC300 with 5 speed manual for sale... Click Me
  2. It would be nice to have the trunk stay up by itself but I hardly ever use my trunk, so I just use a golf club to hold it open if I had to use it... I'm sure I could change them without a problem but it's not worth it for me to go through the trouble!!!
  3. I thought my SC300 had LSD but it doesn't!!! Before I lowered the car it locked both wheels ALL the time when I did a burnout, now that it's lowered, it doesn't do it as much... I read on the supra forum that there is a code on the door that says if you have it or not, it's all Toyota, so the codes should be the same... From that code, my SC300 does not have LSD... LSD information This is from a toyota, if it reads A/TM: A02C or A02D, then you are supposed to have LSD... A02A means you don't have LSD... Anthony
  4. Changing plugs I used this link to change my plugs, it's from the '95 Supra but it's the same engine... Changing my plugs may have took 2 hours total, it was pretty easy... I didn't drain any fluid and only removed one coolant hose, a tiny bit of fluid leaked out but it wasn't a problem... I also have extentions, from sears, that lock the sockets on them, which are a really big help when changing these plugs!!!
  5. My clutch is completely gone, I have a new ACT clutch, I'm waiting for my shop manual so that I can install it... My car is on jack stands right now, I installed the rear bar though... I'm taking it to Barber Motorsports Park(road course) in Alabama on March 13, so I have until then to get it ready... I think the clutch in my Civic Si is starting to go, so I may have to change that one soon as well...
  6. After I installed the Teins, I felt that I still needed some fine tuning!!! Going from left to right quick, the car still gets a little unsettled, the swaybars should make the transition alot smoother... I'm going to try different combinations with the Daizen bars and the stock bars, to see what suits me best, ie: 35/24, 30/29 or just go with 35/29... With the stock bars, the car is oversteer happy, leaving the 24mm rear stock bar and using the 35mm up front may make the car neutral, I will see what works!!! Supra bars are suppose to fit but you have to use Supra end links!!! Keep in mind t
  7. Only the rear bar is adjustable!!! I bought the bars from TM Engineering, I also bought my Tein Flex Coilovers from them... The swaybars were $500 plus shipping...
  8. :D I received my Daizen swaybars for my SC300, I havn't installed them yet because my clutch went out and I can't drive the car anyway... I ordered an ACT clutch and I should be able to install it on Thursday when it gets here, I'll probably install the bars sometime by them... The Daizen bars are 35mm front and 29mm rear, the stock bars are 30mm front and 24mm rear... Anthony
  9. I had a piece of hard plastic in the car that I shoved up there and pryed it out while I was at the dealer, it was one of the caps that covered the screwes of my stock seats... If I had a screwdriver, I would have used it... The plastic around the cover is what gives way, make sure you stick the screwdriver all the way up, there's accually a little indentation on the cover where you are supposed to put the screwdriver, it's close to the left rear corner...
  10. If I'm not mistaken, they're exactly the same... Unless something is wrong with the ones you have, there's no point in changing them, unless they're aftermarket... The Supra and SC300 have the same Track(width), and Supra shocks bolt right up to the SC300, so the controller arms should be the same.. I saw a picture of the Supra's lower controller arm and it looks the same as the SC300.... Looks are not fact, but all the research that I have done, I would say that they are the same, I could be wrong though...
  11. I just bought a key from the dealer, it doesn't have the remote, it works for everything, and it cost $55, they cut it off of the VIN and it works fine... The person that I bought the car from only had the one remote key... I think the remote key is only around $125... Try another dealer, I think that one is trying to rip you off!!! Anthony
  12. It's all good!!! My Civic has a few mods, Comptech Icebox/intake, Comptech header, Comptech catback exaust, Neuspeed softsport springs, Tokico HP shocks, Comptech 22mm rear sway/tie bar combo and '95 Civic front seats with Katzskins leather... The car is extremely fun to drive... My SC300 has Corbeau seats and Tein Flex Coilovers and 16x8 RX7 wheels with 245/50/16 all around... The only reason why my SC300 is more fun to drive than my Civic is because it RWD... :D My Civic ran 15.2@90 in the 1/4 mile and the SC300 ran 15.4@90 in the 1/4 mile... The torque of the SC300 will kick in and take t
  13. Cutting springs is a bad idea and telling people that it is bad is a good thing... But associating something that bad with a whole group of Honda owners is worse than cutting springs... I've been on a Honda forum since 2000 and that same question may have come up once, and they were told that it's a bad idea and it shouldn't be done, simply answering the question was enough, saying: is plain wrong!!! That means that you or whoever thinks that they are elite or prestige because of the car you own or the forum that they are on!!! If high schoolers knew the potential of these cars, they woul
  14. Lowering my car... I read the comments made in the link above and I was quite disterbed by it!!! I own a '00 Civic Si, bought it new, and to disrespect a group of people because of the car they drive is pretty ignorant and for a moderator to simply agree with them is sad... I know better than to cut springs and the people on the Civic/Honda forums don't think that way either... When I paid off my Civic, I then took the title and borrowed money on it to buy my '95 Lexus SC300... My '00 Civic Si is still worth more than my '95 Lexus SC300, which was worth more than twice as much as my Civic whe
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