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Tape And Cd Player Don't Work. Help! 95 Es300


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I bought a 1995 ES300 a few months back. I neglected to check out the tape player and CD player before buying the car.

The tape player accepts a tape, but will not play the tape or eject it. I have to dig in and try to pry it out.

The CD player worked spuratically at first. I would take out the cd and put it back in and then it would work, until I turned off the car, then the process continued.

Now the CD player doesn't work at all and just flashing the ERROR message.

Please help with suggestions of what can be wrong and what I can do to fix it myself or take it somewhere.

Thank you so much for your help!!!!

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Have you tried cleaning either one?

Before you bought it someone may have put in an extremely dirty CD which would cause it to work poorly, and eventually "tucker out"

I'm just thinking, if its flashing an error message the thing cant be completely fried.

What about unhooking the battery for 15 minutes and reseting the computer, and then cleaning both units? Be better than being hasty and blowing a thousand bucks on new equipment you know?

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a thousand dollars on a new system? are you MAD? that'd get me a whole frickin premium 6.1 sound system in my car. what kind of system are YOU lookin at :)

my system cost... let's see... $20 + $100 + $18 + $12 = $150... full setup with everything connected and running perfectly strong... i d`unno but $1000 is a LOT to spend on audio... <_<


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If I'm not mistaken, I believe that there are a couple different "error" codes that your CD player can give you, which I believe are overviewed in the regular Owner's Manual, so I'd check that out first. Far as the tape player goes, I have no clue. Mine acts funny sometimes too, but never will it not give me the tape. It's more like I'll try and fast forward or rewind a tape and it'll only do it to a certain point and then stop and begin playback w/o me tellin it to. Really annoying; I just stopped listening to tapes (unless I take the CD's out and forget to replace em <_< )

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Thanks for all your help from everyone. I'm going to go to the Lexus Dealership as the parts guy was pretty helpful last time I went. Hopefully he can point me in the right direction and maybe even clean it for me. Try to get as much help for free. If I dont get any help I'll try to first clean it and if that doesnt work get a quote on the repair.

Thanks again, all of you gave great advice!!!!!

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