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Can This Sc400 Be Saved?

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Firstoff, I don't own an SC yet, but have always wanted to.

Found this on craigslist:

and wanted to hear your guys's opinions. Worried about the cost of the heater and the "dash needles," amongst other things.

Contacted him and waiting for the VIN but I think it's safe to assume that it's a rebuilt title. Was thinking of offering him $1K.

What do you guys think? Can this car be brought back to life...?


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I think it is just buying someone's problems when it comes to that car. SC parts are very expensive and hard to find. By the time you save this one it would have cost more than buying one that was good to begin with.

Keep looking and be patient.

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NO! usually the cosmetics aren't that bad, but in this case, they are terrible. The car has all these problems, and what did the guy do? Bought new "clear" headlights...priorities are in shambles. I bought my car for $2200 TTL, and the only problems it has is the front bumber is peeling/fading (common) and the drivers seat is torn. You can do better, you just might have to wait.

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