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  1. Hi, what year is your RX? Have you searched the forums? Here is a link that may help you from another lexus forum.


  2. Hi, you mentioned that you changed BANK1 SENSOR1, can you provide me with any help on how to access it? I just got that code and my RX300 can't pass inspections until I change that part.

    Thanks in advance!



  3. If you just want to add HID's to your non HID headlights then you can pick up a plug and play kit from ddmtuning.com... just know that you wont have autoleveling and some people frown upon that.
  4. There are so many things that rattle... could be a broken clip under the dash (PITA), heat shields, small animals.. jk.. isolating the noise may prove a little annoying..
  5. wow this is an old thread.. I recently replaced my control arms and balljoints upfront but i went aftermarket for my parts.. saved a bundle. I went with Beck/Arnley.
  6. I would get it done sooner than later... especially if you have a GS300 with vvti... if you're a non vvti owner.. eh.. I wouldn't worry much.
  7. +1 for checking that wiring/harness. I hope you at least kept the old barely used sensors.
  8. feeling it through the steering wheel, or is the whole car just shaking? Sounds bad, time to take a look underneath...
  9. have them fix it.. and if they can't fix it have them pay for someone who can. I never go to the stealership... but they do have the computer needed to bleed the brakes properly...
  10. i've used seafoam on several vehicles, don't expect a mechanic or miracle in a bottle, but other than that it does what it says... unless i've just been lucky.
  11. This is some type of piggyback ecu? Does it let you upload your own MAPS?
  12. it is 100amps. Although mine is 200amps :D
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