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  1. Or you could really start cheap and go for this one in the Houston area... I was thinking about that one for myself
  2. Can a 1995 SC400 ECU/ECM be used in a 1994 LS400? I know they are the same engines, but not sure if I'm comparing Apples to Oranges. If I were to completely swap my SC engine into the LS would that work? Thanks In Advance
  3. My girlfriends 99' RX300 has been doing similar things. Every once in a while, it just doesn't want to start, and after a couple of cranks it will eventually start up...I'm confused as well, because the car has been meticulously maintained
  4. I also use a tape adapter, which cost me $4.97 at Wal-Mart. My CD player is perfectly fine, but I love my iPod.
  5. Thank You for replying, I will try and tackle the job this weekend. I'll let you know how things go
  6. NO! usually the cosmetics aren't that bad, but in this case, they are terrible. The car has all these problems, and what did the guy do? Bought new "clear" headlights...priorities are in shambles. I bought my car for $2200 TTL, and the only problems it has is the front bumber is peeling/fading (common) and the drivers seat is torn. You can do better, you just might have to wait.
  7. Also make sure you don't have a bent/warped rim. Bad tires with uneven wear can also cause vibration at various speeds.
  8. I started feeling a rumbling vibration when accelerating (every so often), and have come to the conclusion I probably need new transmission and motor mounts. This vibration just started, and I'm 100% positive the previous (lazy) owner didn't ever think to change any of the mounts. The car has 158K, and I'm wondering if changing the mounts is a DIY (Do it yourself) job, or does it require advanced mechanical skills? Does anyone have a link or tutorial about this job? Any information would help, including any other thoughts about what this weird vibration could actually be. Thanks in advance.
  9. Same thing happened in my girlfriends RX300. I'm pretty sure she's having it looked at soon, I will post what they find
  10. That engine looks good and very clean. Where did you have the swap done?
  11. You might have Overextended the cables. The lock and inside door latch both deal with those cables
  12. On this website you can compare up to 5 different tire sizes to the original stocks. This should do the trick.
  13. I would look into that rust issue. These cars are known to let water through the trunk, by the CD changer and amp. Make sure it hasn't worked it's way (the rust) all the way from the Changer to the trunk lid.
  14. I was just in Port Aransas, Tx and gas was only $1.65 a gallon. Not to say that it won't go back up, but RIGHT NOW it seems to be a small issue. Just my thoughts :)
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