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  1. havent done it yet, but i plan on replacing my fog light bulbs with h3 hyper yellow. i believe that 92-94 didnt have fog lights just turn signal lights...
  2. ah thank u! Have any experience with the trial and error method?
  3. anyone have experience with this by just turning the IAC clockwise to raise the idle a bit? my idle sits a 4-500 and makes accelerating from a stop really weak.
  4. i would say in my area theyre all just richer older people who have no interest in knowing another SC owner at all. or theyre the complete opposite and have 22s on their SC and are some of the most unpleasant people on the face of the earth.
  5. i posted the same question on clublexus and i got several responses saying "no". however if the part numbers are the same on the mafs, i dont see why they wouldnt be interchangeable. as for the cats, you will lose a little bit of torque, but i doubt you will notice it.
  6. thanks guys. i read that flushing the tranny fluid when its at that point is bad on club lexus...guess i shouldnt believe everything i read. only thing that bugs me about the car right now is the low idle (500) and weird shifting from a stop which i think might have to do with the idle. anyone have luck with tweaking the IAC to raise the idle?
  7. you can run lower grades, but the car itself is tuned for 91, and a lot of lexus owners have had problems with poor idle, acceleration and all around performance when running lower grade gas.
  8. my 95 sc400 just rolled over 135k. what services need to be done? - power steering is leak free, replaced in 05 by lexus - oil was JUST changed before i bought it, still gold colored - tranny fluid is burnt and very dark...ive heard that its bad to flush at this point, but please enlighten me! thanks in advanced.
  9. first, dont ever take your car to that mechanic again, hes a scam artist try retracing all of the lines related to the cooling system. one of the hoses might have slipped off a little bit, just enough to leak.
  10. wow nice buy!! welcome! post up some pics of this runner!
  11. iwould also say no. Lexus parts are expensive and you can find a perfectly good running sc400 for just a couple thousand dollars more.
  12. try lotsa info on there about swaps