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  1. These Sc vendors may have one for sale an they would be used. You can also re-dye your carpet for a cheaper fix, if not worn/damage.
  2. No! you want to fix/cover it up your on your own.
  3. Look into post 6 and 16 on page 2 in the link below, if no success it might be a dead unit and need to be replaced. Make sure you get the right year for proper function as shown below what years are compatible. http://www.clublexus...functional.html CC units between the years are not compatible 91-93 94-96 97-the rest all have different model numbers and will give you only 2 fan speeds low and max if you switch between them.
  4. Here some info that may help shed some light on the subject matter? Look at post 11 and post 8 on page 1 if you have had a climate control swapped. And in the link read post 24-26
  5. scroll to the top of the screen and locate the Quick links Forums. Click on the Forums. Scroll down to Member Buy & Sell Area and click on wording.
  6. Click on the links for possible answers to your problem.
  7. Depends on what you want to spend/performance of the tire. Longevity of tread life go to a lower speed rating. You may want to repost this in the sc430 forum and not the sc300/400 forum for better data. This site below is not bad with pricing, but as always prices change so do your research for the best price.
  8. A picture of the area, of concern would help. Have you done anything recently to the engine bay, cleaning with chemicals?
  9. Let's see some pictures, of this black on black Sc.
  10. Alonan, These Sc vendors may have the parts you need. Click under used parts for first link. As far as your radio could be a number of things; head unit, amp, speakers could also be blown, stock speakers are cheaply made.
  11. Try this company
  12. Speaker stock size 4" front/back could go as big as 6" with modifications Front steps Rear steps post # 2
  13. Need to take to the dealer to reset the code, due to the dead battery. If you are handy try this As for the other topics, if the dealership looked at the engine bay and gave a thumbs up everything should be ok.
  14. Cduluk, He is correct patents usually last a year, to deter against monopoly/exclusive control of a product.
  15. Speedometer Cluster Removal the link below
  16. Option one buy stock Sc plate drill the holes. Option two buy this
  17. Here is a link/DIY
  18. Your going to have to remove the front bumper to replace the high beam. Here is a link on this process See if you can get one from this Sc vendor (aliga) post number 2.
  19. OD light Blinking possible causes, click on link below. My Am stinks too, can't get any reception. Don't waste your time with this problem. Any Parts this vendor should have
  20. Here's a link with Sc mileage also keep in mind this vehicle is RWD. It's imperative you check tire wear, hydroplaning can occur in rainy/wet conditions drive cautiously in such weather. Here's a suggestion, have your dad test drive the Sc. He will love the ride and might buy the vehicle for himself as a Father's Day gift...PRESTO! You have the Sc. Something to consider when looking for common problems with the Sc, here is the link. Good luck!
  21. HP boost chip waste of money, another simple option is a BFI. As far as your head light, sounds like a seal problem. Here are a few DIY[/size
  22. Here's a DIY
  23. Your Choice, pick. Type in "Center LED Stop Lamp" Price Online:$215.36 without discount
  24. DIY Removal of door and Take your time. It's inevitable parts of the plastic will brake.
  25. Yes... the skinner the side wall, harsher the ride. The stock size (225/55/16) tire will make the Sc ride more enjoyable.
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