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Is 300 Problems List


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Hi everyone

can you please list problems that you have had with your IS300's and the milage roughly?

i am trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge on a used IS300 from 2002

thanks a lot for your help because I know very little about Lexus and want to make the right choice :huh:

Also any advice and comments appreciated


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None here with my 2003, or my 2005. I'm sure that trend should continue with the 2008 350 as well. And the 2002 IS 300 I'm looking at runs great and passed our initial check. NExt it goes up on the lift and I give it a full microscope.

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only problem i've ever had is with the stock radio. other than that, nothing

140k miles here with 2002 is300 and no problem beside its run like crap with cold engine. but its probaly because i use 87 octane. after its warm up which take about 1 min - and its run smooth

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