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  1. manual says pre-warning is 4500 with light on 5000...stupid light
  2. i've been away for a while, but this monkey is a question on the Maint Reqd light....last time i changed my oil, i reset the light and reset the B tripmeter...the light came on yesterday indicating it's time to change the oil, but it's only been 3180 miles by count of the is up with that? thought it was set for 5k miles?!?
  3. don't know if it's still available but here's one for $20...
  4. you don't need to remove the liner....there are 2 screws on the seam that hold the housing in place...pop the trunk and look to the side where the taillight is, remove the plastic covers and screws, and the taillight should come out
  5. i'm not a math major or an expert on the wheels and tires, but pretty sure those are not going to fit with out modding the fenders....this thread on will probably help you: Guide: wheel fitment good luck, brosnibean
  6. white... the "don't use in the heated housing blah blah blah" is a total CYA move...standard fare for after-market the "for off-road use only" statements....i would love see the donkey that puts a set of headers on his/her IS and takes it off-road....
  7. this should give you an idea about your question on can't speak to the new header from mazzuri is sitting in my garage waiting for my attention, but b/c of family crap i haven't been around to put it on yet.....
  8. move the lights switch (on the turn signal arm) to the off position, the first setting/click up is the parking lights...they should come on then, but with standard bulbs you will have to bend over to see them, they are not bright at all....if they are not on then replace the bulbs and work from there..... this is all in your owner's manual
  9. twist the housing counter-clockwise pull it out, change the bulb stick it in stick it in stick it in i used these 921-x9 from
  10. I am replacing the bulbs on mine tonight, so i will snap some peectures and post them.......
  11. pop the hood and you can see the connection on the back of the headlight....rotate the plug counter-clockwise (i think, hey, i hava a 50/50 shot here) and it will pull out...replace bulb and stick it back in and you are done..... check lexus buld reference guide for the correct are looking for the parking light 168 ps - these are the parking lights, so check to make sure they are really burned out before replacing (since you said "i think" they are burned out) pss - i stole the link from here
  12. no idea...but was thinking that the airbag is back in there, you really want to cover that up??? but if you wanted to avoid all this, just get one of these, then you'll be focused on the wheel and won't even notice the need to thank me, i'm here to help ;) Jump Monkey
  13. i just laughed so hard that water shot out of my nose
  14. classic statement that if i'm not mistaken was the same song sung by that 18 year old kid.....responsible, competent for his age, knew the risks, had it under control....right up to the point where he killed all his friends....problem is that you are too young to know what you don't know....i'm not your father, and i don't know you, so you very well could be the exception and not the norm, however you're attitude that you know where the edge is and you can tip-toe it simply puts a spot light on the fact you don't know jack..... a bunch of people with you're same attitude die skydiving every year saying the exact same thing...i know i don't have the experience level to fly high performance parachutes, but i really know what i am doing, i know where the limit is, i am the exception and different then everyone else, blah blah blah.... most of them end up here....2 of my friends appeared on this list b/c they thought they knew what they were doing and paid the ultimate price to find out they were wrong.... i am not saying you are going to die as soon as you get in the car, i'm just asking you to stay humble when you get behind the wheel....if i had a car like this when i was your age, i am pretty sure that at best i would be dead, or at the worst I would be responsible for someone else's death....just stay humble
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