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  1. glad ur getting it all worked out man.... crazy story... very crazy
  2. u might be on to something... and i did just buy a house... house warming present? smooth u shouldn't have lol
  3. must be a florida thing lol.... i waxed today after work so the sun wouldn't hurt the areas that id taken the wax off of... i think i'm just gonna have to deal with this :/ but here is a picture of a shiny door! it's makes me a little bit happy :D
  4. no they aren't the areas that were repainted unless they blended into it i don't know on that...
  5. definitely not bird droppings... it's water spots for sure... unless the bird has a machine gun !Removed! hole lol
  6. ive used different kinds from meguiars to 3m to mothers... i can't remember i used last... but the fenders and bumper had been repainted not too long ago and they told me to wait like a year or something like that before i waxed or anything on those areas... so i was waiting to rewax until that time was up... i don't know if that had something to do with it or not.. but the texas heat here has been retarded and i'm sure hasn't helped.... i have a guy supposed to take a look at it this weekend so we'll see....
  7. i'm just so glad this happened now you know since i don't have anything else on my mind... klsadjkfklasdfkjlsjkldsa
  8. that's kind of what i'm afraid of is that it's gonna be permanent... :/
  9. ok first i clayed bared my car then after that didn't work we wet sanded the spots with 2000 grit and then buffed them with 2 different compounds and the spots were gone right? wrong.... in about an 1 hr or 2 or so the stupid spots came back as if we did nothing to them at all.... this is driving me nuts... the spots look like a water spot dull in the center of a little circle... there is no raise or dip in the paint that u can feel it's glassy smooth... i really just don't know what to do here... here are sum pictures of what i'm talking about: i'm up for any suggestions here... i work so hard on keeping my car clean and perfect and crap like this happens that i have no control over and drives me absolutely mad!!!! thanks matt
  10. i had mine done darker and had the face and lip machined on my IS300 and ihaven't had any problems with them
  11. turn it up until it starts distorting then turn it down a notch or two
  12. After I thought about it, yeah, I'm the same way. I don't eat it in it at all when other people are in the car cause they think it's ok then. So eveeryone knows no eating or drinking in the Lex. But when no one is around.......Hey, it's my car. I do what I want. LOL! exactly!
  13. i don't mind eating in my car myself cuz i'm careful but i won't let anyone else eat in it lol...
  14. not really maintenance but when i have the wheels off i like to clean the wheel well real good and get that crusty dirt off that u can't get to other wise.. and of course the back side of the wheels too.. :)
  15. in my personal experience i have always bought the extended warranty however i have never had to use it... and honestly really all it's ever done for me is made me upside down on the vehicle... so me personally i will never buy an extended warranty again.. but of course as soon as i do i'll need it... lol..
  16. How many sensor are there on this car? there are 4... 3 in the header and 1 in the y-pipe
  17. ^^^^ agreed.... pro bowl is lame-o... GO COLTS!!!!!!!!! woot!!!!!!
  18. that piece just slides out... push up and pull out
  19. dang sorry bro... that definitely sucks sorry ur having to mess with all that.... hope u get it straightened out!
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