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Power Steering.. Awwwwww


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Well, It's been an interesting week with the LS400. Everything was driving perfectly smooth, A'ok! I put her away for the night, nice and cozy in the underground heated parking... and then I went to back it out the next day...

The steering was stiff, like my power steering decided to just stop! So I finished backing up, and went into a neighbours stall, checked for leaks in mine. No leaks. I thought that was odd, but with the car running I should be able to see whats wrong, or atleast hear it! So I opened up the hood, no weird noises, no drips, spills, leaks, belts were all fine (and fairly new). Fluid was topped up just fine.

I thought it was odd, perhaps it was just some fluke stiff steering morning sickness, so I hopped in the car and drove outside. I then held the brake and rotated the wheel all the way left, then all the way right. The problem seemed to stop! Started turning out into traffic, and poof! It was back! So, steering was stiff, but the car was still fully drivable, just a little difficult to turn.

I then arrived at my destination and put the car into park, and then tested the wheel again. With the car in PARK, the wheel turns effortlessly. If I switch it back to drive, after playing around in park, it also works perfectly.... until I actually take a real turn.

What I found really odd, was driving it home, the problem COMPLETELY disappeared when I drive into my underground parking (down the ramp). The problem would be non-existant until I pulled into my stall and went to reverse/straighten the car! Then it would be back! Then if I drove forward, it would slacken off and disappear!

I know a bit about cars, but I can't place this. My father is CONVINCED I need some additive in my power steering, but I already threw some premium fluid with additive into it earlier in the year. Anyone ever have a familiar problem, or know how to fix such a problem? LS400, 91, 308000km, fresh fluids throughout (except brake fluid), new winter tires (properly inflated).

Thanks in advance for any replies/help!

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Mine is stiff first thing in the morning (well has been this winter) not sure what the deal is.. I haven't checked my fluid.. maybe I should.. After I drive 2 seconds it goes to normal.

Mine goes back and forth, even if it's warmed up! 8(

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one of the tires had flat spot,

rebalanced all wheels,

still vibrates

on thursday will go to a toyota service dep...

my new worry is klicking sound coming from my steering wheel (shaft ?) when i turn it side to side,

and there is very strange feeling as if the power steering was working only for half a turn each way and then meets some resistance in turning

i can drive it ok but have to keep in mind not to do any sudden lane changes

on thursday will go to toyota service dep for check-up

wat is it???

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