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  1. hello again, this ls430 is 70% more expensive than ls400 air susp. ? i was talking to a lexus mechanic, and he said, that if any big problems will start with air susp he can put it on normal springs = no big bucks any one done that?
  2. :) good news... my LS is '92 and done 350klm and is still humming like a bee... after 4 years i still enjoy the refinemets of this engine = the best engine and comment about how silent it is inside... ps. how much longer can theese cars go? for as long as there is a petrol in the tank :) regs
  3. hello, had similar symptoms = the problem was a stucked valve in a brake caliper try, after driving for few minutes, to spit on a brake rotors ( to check if they are hot ) and if your spit bounces of , you know they are VERY HOT... and then you will know it will be the stucked valve good luck
  4. landar, i have a ls400'92 for the last 4 years and so far "almost" zero cost of repairs :) LS400'98 it's a mark IV, so it should have all the problems of ls400 sorted out and ls430'01 it was just a new model in witch they added alot more electronic gadgets, that i'm concerned about, if they start to play up = cost :( also there are more second hand parts for 400 then 430... in european LOC forum there are alot of not so happy owners, when one considers value for money with 1998 ver.2001 and costs of maintenance/ repair/ risk of high bills... i just want another LS that will not cost
  5. hello everyone, i'm just considering and looking to buy another LS :) but have a litle dilemma = whitch one to choose... ls400 1998 223 klm, in mint condition ( navigation and air suspention ) or pay 70% more for ls430 PRESIDENT 2001 with 202klm (cambelt / water pump done ) any sugestions if the ls430 build quality is as good as of the 1998? LS430 = is it worth the extra money ? regs
  6. Thanks RDM, and I hope you are right... regs
  7. Hello everyone, recently the light on the dashboard comes on for few minutes and then goes off any sugestions on why this happens? there are no leaks, and the level in the reserve tank is ok = not going down :((
  8. thanks curiousB I have read about the bolt, and if my current way will not work, then we will go for the bolt thanks again for quick reply
  9. just capoff the lines in each direction as the idle up feature doesn’t seem that important and maybe not worth the price of parts to fix. hellp curiousB, Today I've blocked off bouth hoses at the ends instead of having them in a loop. ( see the photos above in this link I just wonder if it will not blow off the hose clamps at the bottom end of PS, witch will be hard to see and it may leak heavily there? Anyone else had this happened? :o I have alot of fluid coming up towards the air intake = i had a loose fit on a hose clamp
  10. Hello Musada, here are the photos it's a temporary ( macgyver way of fixing ) just to see if it would work it does = no smoke on start ups :) i hope it will help you regards
  11. I had the same problem, but after some reading here: it took 5 minutes to fix it... what i did, was, that i have looped together2 hoses coming out of the PS and the top 2 holes i plugged with some rubber caps smoke is gone :) tomorrow will take some photos and attach them here
  12. ok. done. just came back from the garrage where we did capoff the lines = 5 minutes of work !!! now will observe te PS fluid level for the next few days, and will let you know if it did solve the problem :)
  13. . Thanks everyone for quick replies :) I will get to the garage asap and will try to capoff the lines if you guys think that this way is ok ...
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