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  1. I really don't feel like answering all, because some of them are general maintenance stuff that you will figure out... But as far as the LS400 specific stuff goes.. 1) Your car has traction control there is a switch to turn it on and off.. Find it and enable it. 2) The beep beep beep means that your sunroof is probably vented (a little open) close it and the beeping will stop 3) In town some people claim it gets better MPG with it off... I leave my od on all the time... 4) Your trunk lockout (remote access switch) is probably off, it is located beside the gas door lever, turn it on. That is all I am going to tackle at this time.. Good luck...
  2. Yeah.. I am going to spray the fenderwells with bedliner when I have it up on jacks to paint it... It looks freakin rugged....
  3. Hard to take pictures at night.. I will snap some more tomorrow...
  4. Wow... Nice.. but that is about average for around here.. 133kmiles and 9 years old.
  5. Pictures..................... I think that the LS430 is a step above the model you mentioned.. And if you can afford one, you may want to check it out....
  6. I think the best headlight mod is to get the Celsior 1 peice lights, then swap in the HID ballasts and bulbs...
  7. Guess what just showed up!!! Man the car is really coming together...
  8. Actually they are 1.3 in the front 1.8 in the rear... But i have measured after them settling and it was basically right on 2" drop.... Oh and about the powdercoating... :D
  9. 1) Ok.. No they never made them.. 2) Why the TV's in the rear headrests?? For the people behind you?? 3) maybe look at some celsior headlights, they are 1 piece... nice looking...
  10. Yes, the DF210 Tanabe springs... Not coill overs... The coilovers cost more then the car is worth..lol
  11. I was lucky and bought them from someone who had purchased them NEW and never installed them.. I got the springs, a Celsior Grill, and Curtains for $150 shipped... But the springs can be had for as low as $220 on certain websites..
  12. It rides what I would assume factory felt like 332k miles ago.. It lost all it's bodyroll, without making the ride stiff.. It feels like a new car.. I had to roll my fenders for the tire/wheel combo I have but if you were to put a higher offset (like 35-45mm, i have 24mm offset) it wouldn't be needed. So far I am very pleased with the results, they don't take away from the original intent of the car, and are not so low that I worry about bottoming out..
  13. 332,000 and still hauling !Removed!.....
  14. I figured out the problem.. i forgot to cut the rear bump stops.. I cut them and it instantly dropped. I had to roll the fenders severely... The offset is crazy low for the stock body.. Overall I am happy with the way the entire setup turned out. It looks MEAN and wide.. My clear lenses for the front should be here Monday.. I am powdercoating the wheels black, then am painting the car black... kinda murdering it out...I have never been big on chrome...
  15. My 1991 Lexus LS 400 with 320,699 miles nets approx. 21-25mpg in mixed driving... I am a leadfoot too.. Majority of the time I run 80mph...
  16. The Tanabe springs were almost a full 2" lower when standing next to the OEM springs... I wonder if the offset is f-ing it up that bad..
  17. I really hope they settle about 3/4 of an inch lower.
  18. Some time in the near future, I am going to be dying the interior black using PEW interior dye. I had the back seat out of the car to install the Tanabe Springs, so i figured I would clean/treat the seat while it was out. I used Black Magic Cleaner/treatment.. It did a pretty good job considering the fact that the seats have been neglected for the past 320,566 miles.. I will post up the before and after shots for your viewing pleasure.. The treatment almost instantly softened the leather as I rubbed it in.. Enjoy. 1st is the before, 2nd is the after.
  19. 17x9 with 245/45/17.. But tire size shouldn't really effect the ride Height that much..... It is CRAZY jacked up in the back.. I am going to fill it up with gas, but it won't make that much of a difference.. geez.
  20. I installed the Tanabe Springs today.. It looks like crap. The front is crazy low compared to the back. I just spent 5 hours swapping out the springs for sub-par results. The front went in great, and the drop is very acceptable, the rear on the otherhand... Terrible.. What could have gone wrong? I know I used the correct springs in the correct locations... Anyone else have this happen?? The first picture is "BEFORE", 2nd picture is front done rear not, all the rest are "completed"... I am very unhappy..
  21. They fixed my seatbelt for free.. I am so happy, plus they washed/detailed the car.... Love you Lexus!!
  22. I found these locally for a pretty good price... Will they bolt right up? they are off a an 04 IS300 and have the same lug pattern with a 40mm offset.. I just wonder if the center bore is accurate..
  23. Yeah the !Removed! at Autozone gave me the Fork type.. I tore the hell out of the boot and had to re-pack it with grease... damnit.
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