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Lamp In Transmission Panel


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it looks like a regular 14 v led from radioshack. there was a post b4 crash but now its gone. those bulbs are ez to replace, just remove the panel and remove the button cover and u will see it. manual on how to remove the cover can be found on the car stereo fixing site, i forgot the site name:(

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I have heard it was very easy to replace the bulbs. The Lexus dealer just put installed a new "airbag" warning light bulb in my car, as the previous owner had disconnected the system and removed the bulb, because they were obviously scared of the airbag. They said they were going to charge me $30. to test the airbag system, as they did not know what the problem was. They went ahead and fixed it after the problem was found (installed bulb & reconnected airbag) and only charged $1.50 for the bulb. I wish I had of known they had it out, as my "door open" light is also not working. That is no big deal though. All of my other warning and instrument lights work fine.

I guess if you did not want to do it yourself, that the dealer would probably do it for about $10-$20. or less.

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92ls400FL writes:

"I have a 92ls400 & I bought the lamp but can't change it. the dealer

wants to charge me for 2 hours labor. any help would be great. My email

is stephen_tong87@hotmail.com thanks"


Try removing the wood panel first. THat should expose any screws underneath the panel.

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