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  1. Would appreciate if you can mention the procedure to replace the sway bushings. It would be great if you have pics. Thanks.
  2. No. How do I identify the fuses ?
  3. I have tried again just now. looks like its Kaput. Any clues what must have gone wrong ?
  4. I do know the setting procedure. I am 100% sure its not working.
  5. I used the settings before and it ised to work fine. Any ideas ? fuse, connection, memory module ? Thanks.
  6. 95, LS 400 - I observed last week that the two seat memory buttons and setting button are not working, Nothing happens when I press the buttons. Any body has any idea what could be wrong ? Thanks.
  7. try here................
  8. looks like your car has the classic bad starter symptoms. My car just went through the same saga, I replaced the battery, same problem, finally, I had to get the starter replaced. good luck!
  9. Thanks VMF & Sk. So according to the Manual its the EGR Valve OR EGR gas temp Sensor OR EGR motor circuit OR ECM (i dont want to think about this) The Diagnosis talks about Lexus Meter to read the temperature, is this only done by Dealer ? or any OBD2 reader can read this ? Can my mechanic do all this tests ? I remember plugging in two sensor circuits at the rear of the starter, i plugged them in myself and heard the clicks. Does it make a difference If i plugged them in the wrong sockets ? I mean do they have to go in exactly the designated sockets or is it OK if they are plugged in
  10. Follow this topic......
  11. Thanks for the reply. First of all, How bad is this condition ? Does this need a immediate fix or can this wait to be fixed. The run runs great, except for those fumes when its Hot. This was the first time the mechanic had to replace a starter on a LS, I saw it was a tedious job. He had to remove the water-coolant joint tube and hence the EGR tube attached to it. Actually we found that the EGR tube was cracked and had to be replaced. (All this cost me $600, parts & labor) Most of the time i was there while he was working on it. There were 2 screws left while he was done fixing the car.
  12. Hi, I just had the starter replaced and also the EGR tube, Valve cover gaskets in my 95 LS. The next day i see fumes coming from the Engine (Near EGR Tube area), no visible oil leak though, then came the Check Engine light. Did a diagnosis check, it turned out to be "P0401 - Insufficent EGR flow, OK to Drive." Any body has any clues ? Did the mechanic do something wrong or miss something ? Thanks.
  13. LinuxFan, can you describe how to remove the Antenna ? I have the same problem with my 95 LS. Any idea on the pricing of the parts ? Thanks in advance.
  14. Hello, Any one can suggest best (reliable) places, online and stores other than dealer to buy spare parts for Lexus ? Thanks
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