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Removing Dealership Badge

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Is a microfiber towel ok? I know not to use paper towels on the painted surface.

Microfiber is perfect, just make sure not to press in too much. When you remove the badge there may be some excess glue still on the paint. Buy this product called GooGone and dab a little on the glue with your finger tip. Let it soak for a few minutes then gently rub with the microfiber. DON'T use your fingernail to scrape it off; the glue will eventually come off with gentle rubbing of the towel.

good luck :)

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Thanks! We might have some GooGone still.... had a dilemma with some tape-on accessories that came off of my old Cherokee. I know - no more tape-on stuff... ever! (I was in the industry, mfgs sent samples that just happened to fit my vehicle).

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How do I gently remove the dealership badge from the rear of my RX? I forgot to ask the dealer not to stick it on when they we're prepping my RX - duh!

If it's one of this stick on hard plastic badges you can remove it by using a piece of dental floss to slide behind it and saw back and forth to cut through the adhesive strip.

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Seeing as how the last post was in June, have you had time to do this yet??? :rolleyes:

Ummmmm, was waiting for the hubby to do it. Needless to say, it's still there.... I suppose I'll have to follow the advise and do it myself. :huh:

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