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Car Tries To Turn Right During Braking


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strange thing i noticed about my car. when i'm braking and speed is already very small car tends to turn right. i mean the steering wheel is turning by itself for like 30-40 degrees. why would that happend

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Could also be that your car is out of alignment as my car acted similarly. Alignment took care of the problem. Just make sure you take it to a shop that works on Lexus as these cars have many adjustments to get it properly aligned.

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have your mechanic check the front control arms on your vehicle....there is a rubber bushing on those vehicles that wears out...if this is the case it will usually cause a loud thump going over bumps..but not always....it is possible that one of these has worn out on your car.

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check your tire pressures, then your right front caliper is probably hanging. The easiest way to check if it is hanging is to put your hand on it after driving and feel if it is hotter than the other side. Brooklyn roads are tough, but it's probably simiple. Crap gets in tha caliper boots and hangs them up.


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