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Car Randomly "beeping" In Garage!


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Here's one...

Today i was in my kitchen reading something (it was very quiet) when all of a sudden i heard a series of beeps coming from the garage area. I instantly recognized the beeps, as the ones that our rx300 makes when you press the lock/unlock buttons on the key remote. I checked my keys to see if something was being held down, but they weren't! I walked out into the garage and heard them again! Then they just stopped... I'm not sure how many beeps, just more than two or three? I didn't notice if the lights blinked or anything like that :( I just knew it was coning from the rx300 since my wife was out with our LS and the 350 was in the driveway.

What the heck is wrong now? Jeesh :unsure:

Any input? Thanks

& Happy holidays! :)

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I had the battery checked & it's fine :cries:

Hasn't happened again either...I have NO idea

Many RX problems have been solved by replacing the battery and they always test fine. The original Panasonic battery has a weird way of failing where it just causes small unusual problems. The most common one being the clock resetting. If your problem continues and you still have the original Panasonic battery just change it. They are only about $40 at Costco and have better specs than original.

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