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The Look Of Taillights -- Why So Important


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Whenever I'm on the road, I can't help myself looking at other cars' tail lights and rate them as nice, not bad, weird, and ugly. I believe no one can deny that a finely and stylishly designed tail lights can make the rear end of a car really look good.

I have a 2000 ES and I love to think that the look of its tailights (clear middle) is sill timeless--my ES is 6 years old, but (IMHO) its rear end still looks better than current Camry and many other newer 2000+ year model sedans.

Do you have your favorite taillights? (let's narrow the field to family sedans under $100k only)

All sedans models of Acura, Lexus, Infiniti, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Saab included.

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Caddy DeVille has an excellent rear with one of the best executed led tail lamps ever (damn, look at the trunk gaps though. Shame on you GM.). B) The W220 Mercedes is very near the top of my list also.


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Like the pics of tony's camry , actually was with him last night and noticed them when we were pulling onto the highway giving people rides.

ahah.. i m the witness... (one of the passenger of SK )

actually it pull pretty closer that nite with his LS400 and 4 ppl in car... :o

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to answer your question,

the new accord taillight are the best....ahah j/k

i really like the IS300 signature taillight.... if the new can keep the tradition(like the skyline signature 4 round light) that will be great,,,, but too bad they change the style completely....

i m not sure is it me or not.. i find that taillight for most of the car today have so similiar design...

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