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  1. to answer your question, the new accord taillight are the best....ahah j/k i really like the IS300 signature taillight.... if the new can keep the tradition(like the skyline signature 4 round light) that will be great,,,, but too bad they change the style completely.... i m not sure is it me or not.. i find that taillight for most of the car today have so similiar design...
  2. ahah.. i m the witness... (one of the passenger of SK ) actually it pull pretty closer that nite with his LS400 and 4 ppl in car... :o
  3. i had been post this on clublexus, but i want to hear more from ppl.. Should i be worry about sludge will happen or start develop, if i change my oil every 5000km with full-syn oil (mobile1/amsoil). Since my year of es (1997-1998) seen to have the sludge problem. Would sludge happen due to high milage? currenty right now i have about 250 000km on the click.. or is it worth to have the dealer open the head(for $100) and take a look if i have sludge in my engine(since warranty on the sludge issus still EXIST)
  4. Hey SK where can i do that in mississauga or toronto
  5. wow.. how much did lexus charge u for
  6. why u want a wider tires for your winter tire..? wider doesnt mean better in snow...
  7. i got a 97. First aid kit.... with a "TAPE" player.....
  8. Dont worry SK.. i dont mind taken a car that is up on jack stands.. i will take it for $3000 hahah J/K
  9. hey Hoebag do u mind post some sound clips/pic of your APEXI muffler...? since i want to knw how loud is it... do u have a whole cat-back or just only the muffler itself..?
  10. wow..330 to change out the pad..that is a rip off... y u want to do the brake in sear at first place..? just go to some local shop do it...
  11. i have the same problem too.... on my 97..(Canadian Version) but i still did not find out the problem yet..also i find this problem is pretty common on 97-99 ES... :chairshot: i think we should reflect this to LEXUS.. as a recall
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