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Question About Possible Upgrade


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im thinking about upgrading the lexus from 93 to getting a 96+ i know 96 and then 97-00 are different kinda been reading up on lexls.com but im trying to get some feed back is there a thing i should look for when choosing between them? and how much more should coach edition add to resale value?

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I would say $1000 more for coach deepending on if it is kept well.

If it is of basic condition then nothing more.

I bought my 98 and i love it, vvt-i ,5 spd tranny,hid's are all a definate improvement for one year.

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I know what you mean. I showed my dad that 98 for $13,600 and he could care less. "but dad I want it!!!!" : )

How old are you? I though you were in your twenties. I am only 17.


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