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  1. hey bro, its been a while seems like you went german, not a bad choice tho... downright fine if u ask me hahah whats the story with the lex tho?
  2. bring a old thread from the dead... i've tried comin back 2 or 3 times, but theres nothing wrong with my car to complain about on the threads, at least not before, im back from the dead to search for a new-used car my ls sadly seems like its reaching its last stretch... which should still be a good 5 years
  3. all i can say in this topic is that, this car is the !Removed!, u wont find a car that can last 14 years with maybe 5-7k worth of maintence. good mechinc is everything
  4. hahaha oh man thats crazy i could never take pictures while i hit pass 130 i'd rather watch for cops
  5. has anyone taken their car to full speeds? i havent broken the 140 record for a coupl years now tho i have flirted with that line but im wondering if anyone whos reading this taken thier ls or any lexus over this speed or am i the only idiot here haha haha sorry for the tangent off your thread... sorry to hear about all these problems with car craig its been plagued hasnt it?
  6. mechinics dont even get that good of a deal at the lexus dealership how did that work out
  7. i think some member a lot time ago tried i dont think it worked, do a search
  8. i've talked to a dealership about replacing keys, in my experience the guy told me its about 75 for the valet (just with reprog with master) and 150-175 for a new master
  9. oh man i hated this problem, it gets to the point where your car will actually shift down when u are breaking, get it fixed as soon as possible, i had to stop the car sometimes and slam the trunk to get some contact before i fixed it...
  10. i dont think its anything to worry about, it just the car's age showing, maybe some other members can help but my car did the same and freaked and turns out it was nothing
  11. gas in california is so crazy high! its like 2.80 for 90+ octane
  12. oh man about cruise control... setting it at 80 miles an hour is succhhh a bad idea... i didnt even think about it it feels the same as 65.... i recieved my first ticket because of it... now i got to wait 18months for i can speed agian without raising my insurance haha but i considered just not speeding too bad you cant tell unless u look hahah nc211- not a bad year for u huh? haha fixed the wobbles huh? mine are very minor but sometimes it hits at 45mph i should get my driveshaft checked, and dont get my started on cleaning my car, everytime i clean it seagulls and pigoens see fit to !Remov
  13. its great to be back here... 198,384 miles and counting i also got lots changed up since i've been gone... new suspension, new tires from tirerack(kumho grandtouring), new timingbelt, new plugs lottts of new things in my car, i got that trunk hinge ground problem fixed, new AC blower. unfortuatly repairing all of that doesnt do anythin for my interior, my front driver seat is slowly breaking apart, lcd is almost pitch black, i had a bent rim (which i got replace for 200 eek) and gas how has everyone been dealing with gas? made the switch to lower octane? i couldnt bare it to fill her up
  14. yea there is... if there isnt then i got charged for no reason... i saw the orginal. my father's friend is a lexus mechanic he did all of our work
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