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Post Cars Owned + Impressions.


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thought it'll be an interesting thread.

post cars that you curretly and past owned & your driving impressions of them.

my past cars:

99 Infiniti G20 - one of the most balanced fwd cars in terms of its stock suspension and cornering ability. NA SR20 a bit underpowered though.

96 Audi A4 - can't beat the quattro, handles incredible in rains and wet surface, also underpowered and quality is crap.

97 Nissan Altima - dairy driver, grocery shopping car, nothing special. but quality is good, never lets me down.

93 Volvo 240 - build like a tank, that's all i can say.

99 Toyota Corolla - good build, horrible brakes.

97 Acura CL - strong VTEC engine, bad brakes and the worst air conditioning system of all car makes.

currect car:

93 Lexus GS300 - very impressed with its comfort and luxury even after 13 years. very solid build quality. too bad we don't get the twin turbo 2JZs here in US. a bit too heavy, but by far my favorite. tight car.

future car, hopefully soon:

2005 Subaru Legacy GT - turbo boxer + symmetrical AWD = winner. sporty yet elegant styling both exterior and interior. best of all, 250 horses and 250 lb/ft. torque for only 30K.

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1991 Honda Accord Ex-r (or in usa LX i think)

fully loaded, got it for my 16th birthday. 500$ total repairs in 2 years of owning. amazing fuel economy, great starter car

1991 Nissan 240sx

ABSOLUTE Lemon, but i loved it cus i learned to drift and absolutely bagged the SH*T out of it haha. had it for 1 month. big !Removed! can and lowering springs, i was the man :lol:

1993 BMW 325is

Nice entry into luxury car world, but again a lemon and was wicked expensive. all started with a burnt out headlight and went downhill from there. gremlins galore. still loved it and looked awesome with 18" Hartge from germany.

1998 Lexus GS400

My new baby. absolutely my favorite car ever. i am biased but oh well. love the effortless power, luxury, quietness and look. am going to tint the windows and fix the shoes. still only 53K miles on it and runs like new. best car i have ever driven, aside from 996 carrera. :P

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52, self employed, animal breeder.

'91 LS400 - 104,000 miles Despite being very quiet and smooth riding, I feel just as fatigued after driving this Lexus a few hours as I am in any other Toyota so my initial "Lexus fever" has pretty much waned. I do like it for relaxing medium distance trips, however.

'92 Toyota pickup, manual transmission. 460,000 miles. Still my main driver, still reliable, still has a way of making long trips seem short so I keep driving it. I specially insulated the interior to make it almost as quiet as an LS400.

'93 Toyota pickup, auto transmission, 71,000 miles. I bought this for the wife and as a backup when my '92 Toyota pickup wears out, but the '92 just keeps on going so this truck hardly gets driven (yet).

'89 Toyota Corolla Station Wagon. 241,000 miles. 36 miles per gallon is it's main benefit for those times when California gas prices get near $3.00 per gallon.

'74 Toyota Corona Mark II 61,000 miles. My collector car Toyota. Has a small displacement inline 6 cylinder engine that's as butter smooth as a LS400 V8. Drives like a much more modern car. Worth about $3,000 due to the low mileage, extensive dealer service records and excellent cosmetic condition.

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'74 VW Bus - if you could drive this you could drive ANYTHING!

'81 VW Rabbit Convertible - ugh.

'91 Acura Integra - nice car! The first new car I had ever purchased. Got a speeding ticket on the way home from the dealer the day I bought it! :)

'96 Maxima SE (w/ Stillen Package) - LOVED IT! I put 200k miles on it in the 9 years I owned it. I still miss it.

'99 Lexus ES300 Coach - my first automatic, which took some getting used to as I had only driven an automatic twice before. Hands down the nicest car I've owned.

'00 Lexus LS400 - my NEXT purchase...hopefully by the end of the year! :)

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quite a colletction u have there

chevy nova- bad, ugly monstor (sold...long gone 89')

91' accord- good slow pick up, great family car (sold in 91')

92' toyota camry- great car, good MPG, good reliability and smooth ride (sold in 98)

98' chrysler town and country- bad reliability slow pick up, roomy (sold in 03')

00' es 300, great car, good reliability, ugly shape (lease ends in november)

04' gx470, loaded kids love it, NAV is my new best friend, eats up a lotta gas, good pick up, cant live without it

as u notice the cars prices slowly went up..from 1k (i think) to 60k in 15 years...

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91 Acura Legend Coupe - 5 Speed very good looking car for its time, fun to drive good power, sold with 130 K still in awesome shape

93 Lincoln Town Car - "The mob sled" Jet black, terrible in the snow. Used to tow my 20' ski boat. No problem pull that thing around every weekend for 5 years. Paint on hood was terrible, started to flake after 6 years old. Leather seats did not crack even after 5 years of wet bathing suits after being heated up in the hot sun. Didn't get to sell this one, brake line and fuel lines rotted from being submersed in water so much.

94 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo - 6 Speed 420 RWHP, full veilside kit with fresh paint, one of the funest cars ever driven (I have driven many sports cars including exotics) and always an eye catcher (especially with the blow off mounted right near a hood vent). A little stiff, RPS clutch needed much getting used to for anyone taking her for a spin, but miss her everyday. Sold with 85k, regret it so much more now the nice weather is here.


04 Acura TSX - Fun car with 6 speed, great power and handling, FWD great for the snow time. Like the way the car comes, no options, either with nav or without, and only 2k for the nav if you opt for it unlike Lexus. Seats very comfortable, clutch and tranny great even in traffic.

01 Lexus GS 430 - Great looking car, Comfortable ride, great power and sound with SRT intake and Borla exhaust. Wish it came in stick. Dont like the feel on my new aftermarket brake pads, and they squeek like crazy. Took away much of the nice ride with 20's, go back and forth wether or not I regret not getting 18 or 19's. Surprisingly decent in the snow with good snow tires on stock wheels. Great car for long trips, or my 2 hour commute every morning.

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ealiest to most recent:

1995 Nissan Altima - leased new for 3 years...really liked it, decided to turn it in once lease ended. Got tired of the stick shift.

1995 Infiniti J30 - loved it, awesome ride, no problems with it - had it till 130k miles.

2000 BMW 740iL - HUGE. excellent handling for such a large car. Owned it for only 8 months - thought it was a tad bit too big. Wife found it intimidating.


2000 BMW 323i - sports/premium/HarmonKardon/5Speed. - Wifes primary car, have had it for almost 5 years, has been extremely reliable so far, she loves it, BUT, we are selling it. Anyone interested? (got the GS as a replacement)

2003 Lincoln Aviator - Nav/entertainment/tow package - My primary ride - awesome power, luxurious look, but cheap interior parts. Could do better on gas mileage, but I still absolutely love the car.

2002 GS300 - Have had it for only 2 weeks so far, and have been very impressed with the comfort and handling. Wifes primary car. No mods on it...yet.

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65 Mustang 289 V8 hand me down from daddy to brother, then me. Good car but rusted out. sold

75 Olds cutlass supreme, 350 4 barrel, gas a lot cheaper back then lol, traded in for...

85 Toyota p/u, 22r engine, good truck, very reliable, got good power after installing 32/36 carb, traded in

88 Toyota 4 runner, 4WD for the wife, had to teach her to drive standard

92 Mitsubishi galant, awesome car, good mileage, decent power. Wife needed car to take her parents around.

94 F150 XLT 4WD 5.0 my daily driver, still cherry, only 80,000 miles

98 Toyota 4runner SR5 4WD wife traded in mitsubishi for this one, she loves this one like being above traffic and able to see.

05 ES330, best car ever, what can i say. Everytime I drive it I get totally overwhelmed with the luxury. From the feel of the wood steering real, the way the cupholder opens to the sound system, the smell of the leather, I could go on forever...

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1992 Honda Accord EX- Got it when I was 15. 5 speed manual, really fast for a 4 cyl. Lots of fun to drive. Excellent car, only spent $$ on maintenance. I still miss it to this day. (There's just something about your first car :D ) Sold it with 140k miles.

1997 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer- Got this truck when I graduated high school. Good looking truck, had a V-8 though, DRANK gas. Only kept it a year because college was far away and gas was costing too much. I was actually surprised at the quality of the truck. Towed my boat well. AWD was good in the snow. Really cool onboard computer. Sold it w/125k miles on it, only replaced an oxygen sensor.

1996 Nissan Maxima GLE- Not the best looking car in my opinion, but I was looking for something fun to drive and better on gas, and this was definitely both of those. Unfortunately it hadn't been taken care of as well as I would have hoped. It had a BOSE stereo that was the best sounding stereo I have ever heard still to this day. It was pretty fast, but not as smooth as the Lexus. Tranny was funky, that generation maxima wouldn't downshift for anything. At 145k miles, air started going out, and tranny started shifting harder. I could tell it was time to trade up....

1998 Lexus ES300 <Current Car> First time I drove it, I was blown away and knew I had to have it. Bought it with 95,000 miles on it and have put 26,000 miles on it in the past year. I plan on keeping this car for a LONG time, I love the way it drives!

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:wacko: Here is a list of Mercedes that I own or have owned as well as other cars that I have owned. Call me car crazy

Mercedes That I Have Owned ( Not in order of purchase)

Family Model Year

W198 300 SL Gullwing 1956

W188 300 SC Roadster 1957

W188 300 SL Roadster 1962

W115 220 1968

W111 280SE 3.5 Coupe 1971

W113 280 SL 1971

W115 220 D 1972

W108 280 SEL 4.5 1973

W116 450 SEL 6.9 1977

W124 300 CE 1988

W126 560 SEL 1991

W201 190 E 2.6 1992

W210 E320 1996

W210 E430 1998

W208 CLK 55AMG 2002

W220 S55AMG 2003

W215 CL 55AMG 2003

W209 CLK 500 2004

R230 SL55AMG 2005

Other cars that I have owned

Corvette 365 HP 1964

Corvette 375 HP Fuel Injected 1965

Corvette L88 427 CI 1967

Jaguar XKE 1968

Jaguar Mark X 1966

Corvette 1971

BMW 2002 Tii 1973

Mini Innocenti 1973

BMW 530i 1976

Buick Skyhawk 1976

Datsun (Not sure of model) 1982

Ford Taurus 1986

Ford Taurus 1989

Ford Taurus SHO 1992

Chrysler LHS 1994

Oldsmobile Aurora 1995

Mazda Miata 1990

Honda Prelude 1992

Honda Passport 1995

Toyota 4 Runner 2002

Lexus SC430 2004

Lexus LS 430 2004

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First post. I just bought my first Lexus this past weekend. It's a 98 GS400 w/90k mi. This thing is amazing. I sort of wish it had more "neck snap" but I love it. Ok, here's my list...I know you'll be jealous of the Celebrity!!

First car-- '79 Chevy Impala (drum roll please) station wagon

'82 Jeep CJ7 Limited w/hard top & factory leather...wish I still had this one

'89 Chevy Cavalier RS 5spd...sold for...

'89 Kawasaki Ninja 600 and CHEVY CELEBRITY 4d

'86 Jeep Cherokee 2 door (man can you hide a lot of beer in that thing!)

'84 Buick Skyhawk T-Type (normal asp); what a pile; blew 2 motors w/out beating on it

(got married, then)

'87 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport 2 door

'91 Ford Explorer EB; nice truck

'94 Subaru SVX L (cheap one); still have it; I'm orig owner; it's coming up 4 sale tho

'93 VW Passat GLX; luckily bought ext warr for it; over $8k electrical repairs in 5 yrs!

'00 Jeep Wrangler Sahara

'03 Subaru Outback Wagon (had baby last year)

'98 Lexus GS400

I've had a couple Kawasaki ZX-7's too, but I think this is the complete list. Nothing real special. I currently have the SVX, Outback, and GS400. Since I bought the GS this past weekend, I'll be selling the SVX. Do you have ANY idea how nice it is to get my daughter in her car seat in the Lexus compared to the SVX?

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well so far in america

1992 Honda Accord DX -> 4 door, great car.

1996 Nissan Quest -> bad bad, rear wiper switch broke right away, too many probs

1997 Honda Odyssey-> slow, but very reliable. still running good at 126k right now

2000 Lexus RX300-> glove box rattle, otherwise, very contented (if it didn't get rear ended)

2003 Lexus GX470 -> well, several problems, but that's becuz it's a first batch. at 31k right now

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'82 Datsun 810 Maxima - First model year and they obviosuly didn't know quite what to call it. Nice inline six and some "lux" options. Very reliable, but the sunroof bit the dust. Sold for pennies on the dollar because I had to have...

'75 Jeep CJ5 w/304 V8 and a three speed manual - Pure junk, but loved it. Overpaid, too. It ran my bank account dry and I had to get out from under it ASAP, but still want another. Why?! Because a Jeep is in my blood somehow.

'90 VW Corrado G60 - Thought the little supercharged four was fast for quite some time until I got toasted by a Mitsi Eclipse GSX (AWD Turbo). Decided later that it just made more noise to simulate more speed. Body roll was severe. Sold because I couldn't afford a S/C rebuild that I thought was imminent. Fun car.

'94 Maxima - Not a single option, I'm afraid. Reliable powertrain, but had some teething trouble along the way. Saved my wife's life when it wrecked. Insurance totaled it out and paid me handsomely. Spent it on the CL Type-S.

'91 Acura Integra - Came with my wife in a package deal, as did a cat. Most reliable car ever for us. We'd planned for five years to replace it "soon," but it just kept starting every morning. Certainly a blessing, but also a pain in the !Removed! for a real car guy that was anxious to upgrade. Just sold and I was swamped in calls from interested buyers. Wow!

'01 Acura CL Type S - Still with me. Huge proportions, but a very nice mix of lux and sporting flair. Not Lexus luxury and not a sports car, but a nice balance. Wife's new car, because I upgraded to...

'02 GS430 - Purchased over the 4th of July weekend. Ecstatic!

* Cool to see the evolution of everyones' rides!

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