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Dead 400


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Now I've gone and done it. The starter was acting up and I was warned that I could get stranded. Well it happened but in our garage not out on the street, so I won that one.

Problem- solenoid pulls in, but starter won't crank the engine. Did the usual checks so I know it's the starter not the battery etc.

I bet this is a very tough question. Are there any really smart mechanics out there?

How can I get just one more start out of this LS 400 ? I hate to have it flat towed 60 miles.

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Simple, park a chevy next to it and tell it "this is your replacement if you don't get with the program." That sucker will fire right up and run like the wind! Hahaha

Honestly, I haven't a clue how to squeeze one more crank out of it. Is the starter moving at all or just dead as a nail? I know these cars are tough to jump start due to massive amperage needed. Have you done a search for how to jump start an LS400? I saw something about it not too long ago. Something like "LS won't start..." something along those lines.

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Well, I'm not smart nor a mechanic but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night. :D

Sometimes, you can rock the car in first gear and get the starter off a dead spot. Also nc211 is correct. If your battery isn't up to snuff it wont crank not even with a Jump unless a high amp jump. Some tow trucks carry them.

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I'm sure you've done this but if not.....  :geek:

Swap batteries out of another vehicle and try to crank. If the battery is weak or has a dead cell you'll get the same symptoms.

Well smarty here bought a new battery for it. Nada. Next try is to park my Highlander next to it, rev it up and try a jump start. The higher voltage from the alternator might help.

Uh, one guy who posted says he stays at the Holiday Inn says put it in first gear and rock it. Hmmm, I think my leg was just pulled.

On the other hand, a cliff is only 200 feet from here. A very strong push sounds very good right now.

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I am not mechanic, but I heard this on the cartalk radio show:


Bringing a dead Bug back to life

TOM: When he opened the hood, he found a pair of coveralls, a spare tire-- and a jack.

RAY: He got into the car, and turned the ignition key to the "on" position. There was no point to turn it to "crank," because the battery was what? Dead.

He pumped the gas a couple of times, like you would do in one of those old cars to prime the carburetor.

He then jacked up one of the rear wheels, which are the wheels that receive power from this engine. He put the transmission in gear; probably -- I’m guessing -- third gear. If you put it in fourth gear the engine would turn too slowly. If you put it in first, it would be too hard to turn the engine.

What he simply did was turn that tire that was elevated off the ground by hand with the transmission in gear.

He begins to turn the wheel really fast. Once it began to turn, the engine actually started up and ran and that wheel began to turn on its own.

The reason the other wheel didn’t turn is because there's a differential, which will only send power to the wheel with the least amount of resistance.

Finally, of course, he would get into the car, take it out of gear, get out and lower the jack down, and if he was lucky he would drive to work without stalling.

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Your solenoid contacts are worn out. You know those buttons they sell at autozone/kragens? The ones you hook to the starter when you're working on the car, checking valve clearance, or compression? use one of those to jump the lead from the solenoid to the starter motor.

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I agree with jadecuir the starter solenoid contacts are worn out That means a new battery or jump start won't help. But the button gismo jadecuir mentioned should work, although I'm not sure how you could hook it up since the starter and solenoid on a Lexus V8 are buried and inaccessible underneath the intake manifold.

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the solenoid might not be dead, its the might be the clutch that connects the starter to the flywheel, it might be jsut dirty and this is hwy its not engagin, in this case nothing will help but to get it out and replace it.

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