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  1. Well... My LS was down for about two months. The mechanic was trying to buy a used computer, then ebay and then he took it out of garage. Of course once in a million he has two cars get broken into that night. They used a crow bar on my trunk to get to radio and amp. Only problem is everything was stock so they got nothing inside the car. They took my front clear light and left front molding. The worse part was the damage to one rear clear light, lock and trunk. We pulled out the trunk, painted it, replaced second in from right rear light with old style and new lock. The lock does not work with key, but ohh well.. In the end I suspect we will work out a deal with mechanic. I am more happy that my car is running great then the broken pieces, but it does suck. Did see the complete clear rear for 400 bucks, but I am not sure about them. Overall the car is still awesome! Everyone thinks it is a 2002 or newer and I am rolling in the bucks. Sorta funny when I pay 50 a year in taxes.
  2. It was the computer. Some guy down south programed the system. Now the LS is back to normal, but still has some minor issues with the looks... If anyone knows where to get a drivers front trim molding please let me know. These skum bags took that and smashed my rear tail light.
  3. 93 LS400 Some one broke into my LS and smashed the rear tail light and took the drivers side L Molding Trim front fender. Looking to find someone who has the clear rear tail lights for sale.. Or the molding trim. Any guidance is apprecaited.
  4. Thanks... Super busy up here in New England. Lexus's are great. For sure the 93 LS400 is way better then the 98 GS300 or GS400. So amazed by the ride... I will look into your suggestions and sounds like a similar situation.
  5. First time for everything... Today the car will not start. Almost as if the car is not getting gas... Almost starts and sounds like it is going to, but no luck... Although the check engine light came on 3 times over the past 3 months it always started...
  6. For no reason at all I am getting a random Check Engine light every two to three weeks. After running like a champ at all speeds I get almost a stall then check engine light cuts in and out (Almost feels like it will stall). Then stays on... There is then a smell of gas and 70% less power. Basically to get up a hill from a stop I would drop to first gear and then go. I have brought it to my mechanic and he could not find a code. Then started car up next day and car was fine. I just passed emissions, which will not pass if there is a code in the system. It of course did pass. Today the check engine light poped up and I am debating bringing to LEXUS or Toyota, since Lexus is 50 miles from home. One mechanic said it sounds like the MAF sensor. The Lexus has 138,000 and is a 93. By far the best car I have ever owned. Any guidance or links are greatly appreciated. I did attempt to look up MAF sensor, but it says that is text that can be researched or something like that...
  7. Hopeful someone can send me in the right direction. My mechanic thinks my computer is bad... Wanted a second opinion before we replace. Four weeks ago my 93LS 400 was parked. When I started the car the check engine light was on and power was minimal. I started to give gas and there was minimal power. After a mile I stopped car to look at engine and listen. Turned off car and waited a few minutes. Started car and started to drive to mechanic. The car was sorta moving, but the check engine light would come on every second and almost stall. I dropped to Low and took it easy for a few miles to the shop. Mechanic started car next day and no problem. He hooked up code machine and no problems. Two weeks goes by I put 250 miles on the LEXUS and nothing happens. Then all of a sudden check engine light and instant power loss. I pull over and then went through the same process of getting it to the mechanic. Mechanic this time is unable to get a code, since machine will not connect. Three days later he brings inside shop. Starts up and everything is okay. Troubleshooting machine hooks up and no error code. He suspects computer and knows the engines is all messed up, mis firing and dumping fuel when the problem occurs. I did spell fuel one time. So we can not connect when it is messed up, but no error when it runs right. He did check wires and does not see a problem. Calling all LEXUS gods please help. I am driving my wifes GS300 and I miss my LS.
  8. Wow... The air filter was terrible... I have removed it until I buy another one. THe door may have a mechanical problem. Everything else works and all other doors work.
  9. The AC works fine... Typically after 30 minutes or extended use it starts dripping. When I removed the black panel some leaves and crap fell out... Not sure where the drain is.... Everything electronics works great. Fuse is fine... Suspect someone disconnected it and used power for hands free phone.. Just have to figure out how to take it apart. Thanks for the replies
  10. Ladies and gents. Hopeful you can provide some guidance on a few 98 GS 300 issues... First: AC leaks water inside car... Looks like its from the fan unit and I question if the drain is clogged? Second: How does one take apart the cig lighter assembly? Both cig lighters do not work. I suspect previous owner hooked up a hands free assembly and he may have utilized power to cig lighters. Third: Anyone have an issue with passenger door lock? It seems ours does not work. Four: Replacement of windshield. I have Geico coverage and we have a crack that is expanding. Should I go to LEXUS or can anyone put in the right windshield? This has been a great care... Keeps my wife happy..
  11. Good luck... Why dont you call the dealership.. One of their guys should talk to you. They are open...
  12. Just wanted to say after 3 years I love my LS400. Yesterday I had to drive a friends new car and it was terrible.... What a terrible experience to bring back the fact that my car is awesome! Today I got a few nice compliments from people who think my 93 is awesome! My only problem is the sound system. I need to get a new system... Any suggestions.. MP3 with amp and all new speakers?
  13. After a few years of playing with the CD player that does not work 80% of the time and a speaker that is out 30% of the time I am going to invest in a new system for a 1993 LS 400. I know there are a lot of things out there, but was hopeful for some guidance. I would like to get a CD changer and maybe MP3 player. Any suggestions and expectations for costs? I do have a Sony deck that plays MP3's and other items, but aware the whole system would have to be replaced.
  14. I'mmmmm back! Hey ladies and gents... Just a bit busy of late. Teaching at the college, managing money and serving as a newly elected Alderman for our city. Things are going great and the Lexus's are doing wonderful. My only disapointment is last night with the North east weather we had to leave the GS300 and LS400 at home for the 91 FWD Ford Taurus. :) So imagine as a special guest with a tux cruising the city in the Taurus. We laugh... My 93 LS400 is great. Makes a little noise in the front with bumps in the extreme cold. Power steering fluid was down a bit so some noise, but that is corrected now. The Teraunza LSV are crap after less then 30k. The car looks great and most think its a rich guys 2003 toy. It is really funny and some times I tell the truth. If you want a real update check out some of the sites... and Wishing my lexus friends a wonderful year and I will try to check in more often. I still keep my Lexus Owners Club sticker on my windshild...
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