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  1. Hmm, dead post,oh well. So I will post my answer based on my experience today. I did some searches and most were dead wrong with a few being right on battery replacement . That is a probelm, sorting out the guys who guessed and never did it to the guys who knew and did it. This was a trip and even the Lexus dealer gave me a wrong answer. One wrong answer and I won't believe anything you say. Changing the battery is just like any other old car. Nothing special and nothing to worry about if you have done it before. Short out a lead and you have had it. . 1 The radio- If you have a dot
  2. Has anybody here every replaced their car battery them selves? This appears to look like a I gocha pay up from the dealer and Toyota. The battery will hit 5 years shortly and I like to replace them at about 4 1/2 years. I did a seach on the net but did not find a step by step how to . The Radio has a key number and I have no idea were to find that. It takes a series 24. Walmart but they won't go near it. I had a Jag like that once. That thing ate batteries. My LS460 eats tires. Batteries are cheaper.
  3. I am back. Very humble and embarrased. The great Hankook tires I bought and raved about 2 years ago, I take it all back. Tire Rack totally mislead me on wear. They gave it a good number of 8.2 and the Mich a 7.8.Can you really trust those numbers? So the Hankooks are bald at about the same millage the OEM Dunlops did. 25K So scratch this brand off your buy list. However I'm reading that the LS460 is a tire !Removed! and eats any tire alive in just a few miles. I'm trying Continetal to see what happens. That will put me at 75K and time to dump the car anyway.
  4. I drove to the Dealer today to see what the deal is with rapid tire wear. I expected nothing but baloney from these guys and they more then met my expectations."Ya got soft rubber tires, bud",I'm told. I came back with a quick comment that I check all my new tires with a Duraometer and the tires came in at the 85 percental, they had a 50,000 mile guarantee ya ya ya. and they should not have had rapid wear.ya da ya da ya da. By this time his eyes are bugged out and he's looking for back up. I just made all this stuff up but it impressed me that I was still good talking to the car guys. I bo
  5. EGad, 15,000 miles expected? Or is that just on the Hybred ? I was going to post here on my tire probelm GRRR, but saw this thread. A couple of years ago I posted my great buy with Hankook. $600. and they had a good review from Tire Rack. The OEM tires,Dunlop,made it to almost the exact same miles before they wore out. Well 25,000 miles later the Hankook are shot also. A very good wear pattern and I like the tires. Quiet and good ride and handeling for this type of barge. So I called Hankook and they said take proof of the 7500 rotation etc to your tire dealer. Uh, I never in my life spent t
  6. Thanks Paul. Your answer is correct, I think. Haven't done it yet but went back to the 10,000 PAGE 2 ton car manual that came with the car and found the same answer. The index does not list" key battery replace" or "battery -key replacement" As it should. Duh. Took a bit of thumbing around in side the manual and the info for the replacement battery is on p-586. Takes a CR1632, about $2-$3.00. We have a 2008 LS460. I don't know if this info is good for 2007-20111's. This should be a Stickey- The key fob is on all the time. You cannot turn it off. Battery life is 1-2 years.P 39. So replace
  7. No go here for the answer.. The smart key fob has a mechanical key on the side that unsnaps with a push lever. This will get you in the car but I don't think you can start it. Inside the holder for the key there are some weird looking detents. I think the battery goes in there. I'm not about to probe around as I bet this thing cost $150-$200. There is no external slide on this model that I can see. The case is about 1.5" x 2.5 " x 1/2" thick. On one side their is a big Chrome Lexus symbol. On the other pictures of a lock, open lock, trunk and alarm. Some times me thinks Lexus has been h
  8. How do you replace the battery in a Smart Key System LS460?
  9. I had a post running below on the Hankook tires I bought sometime back. Very cheap and that's my middle name. Wonderful tires. Worked out very well with zero problems. Much,much better then the junk OEM tires the car came with. Shame on Toyota for using that junk manufacturer. I took some heat here by installing Hankook's but they turned out to be an excellent tire. CU also likes them. The Koreans right now are the best mfg guys in the world. Best prices and quality. I also use Korean tires of a different brand on my Highlander. Terrific wear , good ride and low noise.
  10. Most of the stuff I mention here is just my opinion. Some times ok , other times a duh. Never worked in the Auto industry, thank goodness , but they do have a reputation of doing things just because they have always done it that way. Not a very good reason, my opinion again It usually takes a law or a Nader to get things done like seat belts or smog controls I have noticed in the past.. . Floor or top mount hinge? My foot cannot tell the difference but I've never taken a survey among others.. In a race car using the heel and toe method a bottom hinged might work better but I really don't
  11. Toyota today (Feb 1) announced the release of a fix for sticking gas pedal assemblies. A web site( please Google)"the truth about cars Toyota throttle fix" or"the truth about cars Toyota gas pedal fix". TTAC some how got their hands on two different pedal assemblies,one made by CTS and one made by Denso. In the article and photos they explain the difference between the two supplies which are totally different. If you have an interest in technical things a very good read which is not to technical to understand. They could not understand why the design is totally different between the two suppl
  12. I only know what I read , mainly on the net, which sometimes has more opinions then fact. According to one accident report a Tundra truck throttle went from idle to full throttle resulting in a rear end accident with a BMW. The driver of the Tundra claims he had complained to the dealer about erratic throttle response before the accident and got no help. True? I have no idea. The motor in the Tundra uses a v8 similar to the Lexus Ithink. Latest news on the net claims Toyota has been working on the throttle fix since Aug when a high profile CHP officer crashed and was killed along with seve
  13. As a design Engineer trained to think" what if" I can come up with several scenarios which I would not want to be in. One is S. Calif traffic. At 70 MPH there is typically less then 1-1.5 car lengths between cars. So worse case situation is the LS460 goes to full throttle with out notice. Now you might have time to slam on the brakes and shift to neutral before rear ending the car in front. I'm not sure I'm fast enough to do this and I'm sure my wife isn't. Car phones, day dreaming, sight seeing distractions etc. Humans cannot stay totally focused for a long period of time say a 1 hour com
  14. I poked around on Google last night. Amazing the stuff you can find about the runaway problem. Business Week probably had the best article on it. 3 class action lawsuits have been filed with more coming. One of the lawyers claims There is no safety item tying the brake pedal to the throttle."Unlike other automakers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen and Nissan there is no override feature in Toyota's car that idles the engine when the driver steps on the brake." Google - W.Va. Class action suit Toyota Absence of fail safe. It turns out this has been a continuing problem for several years.
  15. As noted the recall has nothing to do with software- but it should! The whole mess would not of become an emergency however if the brake software cut off the throttle, just like it does for the cruise control.. Measure the RPM,and return it to idle when the brake pedal or emergency brake is activated. Typical bureaucratic response to a problem. First blame the floor mats. Very unlikely the mat could rise up and force the petal to full open as the claim was for the San Diego fatalities. Car crashed at over 100 mph. Hard to believe a person would freeze at the wheel and not shift to neutral bu
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