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2006 Gs 430 - Buyer Experiences?

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Have any of you bought the new GS 430 (06). 

What are your thoughts so far?  Any differences from the older GS that jump out at you?

Also, what is the difference between sticker and price you paid?


I still like the older body style of the 430, but, it always takes me a long time to warm up to new and different changes. As far as sticker, I haven't purchased one, but sticker is out of my range at this time. It will be interesting to hear form other club memers ane their opinions. :rolleyes:

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great car. I have a client who got one 2 weeks ago. Drove it during the storm {snow} and the handling was great. Traction system is vastly improved and good looks. Pricing is going to be at sticker due to order bank and limited production. You may find a $1000. discount if you find one in stock at a dealer on the last day of the month. if you have the money i would rather pay sticker knowing i was getting a car that was in demand.

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Drove one last week. Liked all of the opions inside, ie.. dual heated and A/C front seats, all HID lighting inside (even dome lights and floor lighting in the back seat) etc.. Drives very nice, 6 speed mannual shifting opion is great. But I dont like the new body style. It looks to much like every thing else on the road today. Now the older body style (98-05) looks fast when its sitting still.

06 GS AND 06 Nissan Maxima.

post-11139-1110837910_thumb.jpg post-11139-1110837892_thumb.jpg

post-11139-1110837976_thumb.jpg post-11139-1110837962_thumb.jpg

post-11139-1110838016_thumb.jpg post-11139-1110838000_thumb.jpg

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See I personally never found the styling of the 98-05 GS appealing, I think the new one is a huge improvement over the old one.

I have to agree that the 06 gs is MUCH, MUCCCCHHHHH more appealing on the outside than the older gs's. But the inside of the 06 seems to be too "plasticy". Not the type of craftsmanship i look for in a Lexus. As said before the center console silvery plastic is cheep, and the, well everything seems to be cheep! Sitting inside the 06 feels like sitting in a tin can LOL. The older gs had the more leathery/elasticity "feeling" than the newer plasticy feeling in the 06. it also gave me the feeling that i was in a car that would have a lot of problems in the future because of then low quality.

I was looking for one to replace my wifes 03 gs430 but we both decided to go with the 05 es330. The es330 to me seemed way more comfortable and luxurious. In the es i got the feeling that i was more safe, and in better control even when standing still...the dash is more "touchable" than the 06 gs..LOL when you sit in the 06 gs it seems...well, boring in my oninion. for the money (up to 60k loaded) it's not worth it. I would rather get an Ls430 for a few $ more....But that's just my opinion.

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Test drove the GS 300. The wait was almost an hour before my drive. My dealer can't keep the GS in stock. They have already raised the price 3-grand instead of demanding $2-thousand over the sticker. :pirate:

This makes the price for a 300 about $45-thousand without Nav. Another 4-grand for Nav. :cries:

The price we pay for living in south florida.

The new ES is OK. but is nowhere near the GS. Not sure what I'll do when we trade in my '03 GS 300 in december. :o

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My wife (and I) just picked up our Mercury Metallic gs430 Saturday. The car is everything you would expect in a Lexus and more. By more I mean, it now handles like a sports car. The steering is quick and responsive. As for the new body style, looks are purely subjective and I happen to really think the 2006 body style is a big improvement over the 2nd generation. We drove a 2001 gs430 for 4 1/2 years. That car gave us a lot of enjoyment but doesn't even come remotely close to our new one. This is just my opinion, and like I stated earlier, looks are subjective. I personally was leaning towards the new M45 Sport but when you compare interiors...........well, there's really no comparison.

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