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Gummy Film On Glass Of New Gx

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I just got my '04 GX, it was a nice day so I decided to wash it for the first time. While cleaning the windows I notice a light sticky film, this was on the RX as well. What is this and how can I get it off? When I took the RX in to the dealer to complain about it, some JR maintenance dude came with a rag and some glass cleaner and explained to me it was how I was cleaning it. So in his infinite wisdom and experience he wiped the correct way. Still had the streaks !

I am sure it has to do with shipping prep, it is hard as heck to get off. Any suggestions??

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~One man’s opinion / observations

You may well find that this-


Is a protection used on new cars during shipment. It is applied to the paint film surface, engine and wheels to provide a barrier against exposure to the elements.

Using a petroleum-based solvent to remove it can do irreversible harm to the vehicle finish. By using a non-caustic, acid-free, citrus based, biodegradable citrus cleaner (P21S Total Auto Wash) will avoid any damage and safely remove the Cosmoline, or any oils or grease that may have been applied for protection.

If this 'grease' is on the interior glass use Stoner's Invisible Glass (no you don't have to be stoned to use it LOL)

~Hope this helps~

Knowledge unshared is experience wasted [each one / teach one]

justadumbarchitect / so I question everything/ JonM

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