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  1. the pump is about 2 years old maybe a little less. i didnt notice any leaks. someone told me that it caould be the steering rack. can that be true?
  2. no didnt work. is there any other ideas?
  3. the powersteering pump is making noise like its low on fluid. so i opened the litle resevior cap and noticed it a little low. so i put fluid in there but its still making that noise. i havent noticed any leaks
  4. i figured id post this even though this is a lexus site. today i went to work and we have a 2003 camry there with a dead battery. we use a jump box everytime we start it. well today my boss told me to jump to take it out of the shop. with a million things going through my head like the accident i had with my sc400 yesterday i didnt realize that i put the positive on the negative and the negative on the positive. the horn started going off and there was a spark. we checked the fuses because there was no power. my boss replaced the fuses and put a new battery but still couldnt start the car. the windows, power seats, taillights, and radio dont work. what kind of damage could i have done? please dont add insult to injury. thanks for any replies
  5. they said everything was fine and the car runs great
  6. ignition coil it was sorry it took me this long to reply back but i was out of town for a bit. i greatly appreciate all the help you guys gave me
  7. i took it to the shop and the guy told me that it was the cats. i asked him if he check the cap, ignition coils, etc. he said that they are all fine. the cats are clogged up and because of back pressure the fuel is not burning right.
  8. i found where the other coil is. how would i go about taking off the one to the right the four little screws faces the block. i pushed the recirculate button and the auto button to do that diagnostic and the codes came up 21 and 23. dooes anybody know what those are?
  9. i couldnt find the other ignition coil. i remeber a forum awhile ago about codes showing on the temp display. maybe that would be easier to figure out the problem. if not can i still know how to do it?
  10. is that the only one. the number of ignition coils. is it easy to get to without taking all that stuff off?
  11. where can i go online to see how to do it and where the ignition coils are located? theres only 2 ignition coils?
  12. how do i look if the coil is bad?
  13. cant seem the find the distributer cap. where is it located?
  14. ill have that checked out. ill keep you guys posted. thanks guys
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