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How To Read Cel On 94 Es300?


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My 94 es300 has been getting a cel for a while... immediately at startup and never goes off until car is off. I replaced my PCV, knowing it was bad, and disconnected the neg battery cable for a few minutes to see if I could clear the code this way. After driving for a while the code came back. I assume the PCV is not the culprit, and would like to check the code.

AutoZone only scans 96+ vehicles (odb2?) and I cannot find any information here on how to DIY... One of my vehicles, install a jumper and the CEL will blink it's code. The other has a LED on the ECU that blinks the code. Does the 94 es300 have anything like this? If no, who can tell me the code besides the stealership? Thanks,


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Have you checked other stores like NAPA, Advanced Auto Parts, Strauss, etc? Check their websites for the store closest to u. As for checking it out, i don't know if this will help you, cause i never did this myself. I just remember someone posting this website on LOC.


Check this website out first. I haven't gotten a chance to read through it nor have i tried it yet. But i hope this might shed some light.

I believe you can also purchase those scanners @ a walmart n other auto parts store right? I could be wrong though n they r probably pretty pricey. But definitely check another store, or check another autozone. I'm sure you must have several in your area. Call them first before you drive out, otherwise it would be a waste of your time if they don't have the machine.

Well good luck. B)

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I think this website right here is better. This tells you how to retreive the code and what the codes mean.


I hope this will help determine the problem. If anything, if you get a code... you can always search to see if someone posted something with the same code, and if not, just post something with that code, and the members here with the service manual will respond what it means and what you have to do to solve the problem. If anything, you can always get the service manual yourself, or go to www.alldata.com and download your own manual for a fee. Which isn't that bad in my opinion. Better than spending over $100. Problem is printing them out if you want it as a book. PUBLIC LIBRARY or School :rolleyes: ;) will definitely help. Hahaha.

Good luck

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Yes, Autozone will tell you that they can only scan 96+ vehicles but my Lexus is a 95 (OBD2 also) and it has the correct plug that they can scan it also. Your 94 might have the correct plugup too. Just tell them it's a 96 and have them try searching for the plugup (it's in the fuse box right beside the hood open lever in my 95). You have nothing to lose except a couple of minutes of their time. Most likely you have a faulty sensor somewhere (maybe an O2 sensor considering your car year). Else, you may have to pay for the diagnostic check (approx. $45-60 at an independant mech shop, an arm at the stealership).

Post the code and any description back on the thread and someone here will tell you the possible problem areas.

Good Luck!

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Your 94 might have the correct plugup too.  Just tell them it's a 96 and have them try searching for the plugup (it's in the fuse box right beside the hood open lever in my 95).

The '94 is OBDII...no guess work involved. Trust me....my '94 ES has had a few cel's the past few years. The OBDII port is in the fuse box under the power mirror and alarm chirp control.


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Ondre, your '94 is most definantly OBDII compliant. Auto Zone has read my codes numerous times. Just humor them, and tell them that the car is any year you want over 1997. ;)


Thanks dude, I will get it up to AZ asap... I'll try and tell them it's an 05 and see if they notice :)

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