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  1. Did u guys solve the problem or find out what is causing it to stall? Does it rough idle for a while or does it just stalls immediately after it is cranked up???
  2. Hey Josh... sorry i'm kinda late with this post... but i just want to say CONGRATS!!! I haven't taken that plunge... so i can't comment on it. Good luck to da both of u. As for Meghan... welcome to the family. Josh has been an active member here... thats y many of us know him. As a matter of fact... in the past i have PMed him a lot... as i do with Toys n a few others... who i bug... hahaha. But welcome. Josh... i'm in NY... i can techniqually make it to watertown... though the drive is dreadful... perhaps it will coincide with me visiting Plattsburgh. HAHAHA... just joking. Take pics
  3. i just recently started using Castrol GTX as well. No issues for me n the 3 cars i've been doing oil changes on. Tom
  4. Well in the diagnostics port that is located in the engine area... it's normal to find grease there. So don't worry if u see grease. It's meant to b that way. Well ur suppose to b able to pull the diagnostic's code from Autozone since urs is a OBDII. But since i guess they can't find it... do wut Archi said. U can do it urself. U just need a paper clip... n connect the TE1 n E1 together... meaning... one end of the paperclip will go to TE1... n the other end will go into E1. Then u can turn the keys to the ON position... n count the blinks. It'll repeat... so don't worrie if u don't ge
  5. No problem... glad i could help... even though the credit goes to the author of the tutorial. Red sounds good. Probably would work well. Nice racing type colors. Take some pics when u have it done... i would love to see it on ur car... as i have the same car... however... i have the Gen II Rims... so if i were to ever do the project... it would look better than on the 1st gen rims.
  6. U can always go to ur Autozone, Strauss, Napa, Advanced Auto, etc... n look for the Mighty Lift. They r fine. I changed them in my g/f's 92 ES300 without any mods. Check that out... in case u don't feel like waiting for ebay.
  7. Definitely a tune up will help if u notice the mileage decreasing. I've yet to do mine... since it has been really cold here. I got my plugs n wiresets all ready... but just need to find the time n date to do it. Also... if ur O2 sensors r old n original like mine is... u may want to get it changed. It probably can go for a bit longer... as mine finally started to show signs of it crapping out. 14 years... n i never (or my father) changed the O2. My check engine light came on... wit a Code 25 i believe... so it's time to get it done. That should definitely help my lack of fuel economy.
  8. that is true... Toys have been in his Engine, Transmission, n Headlight projectors than many of us combined. Where is the AE buddy? N how's the tranny doing? As for the hood struts... check out the mighty lift for ur car... see if they look exactly like the ones in ur car. My g/f's ES fit just fine with no modification. As for my sister's 93 maxima... i have to modify it. Good luck Tom
  9. i never had a good experience wit Jiffy Lube. For some reason... they just aren't that good. I heard many complaints about them. I don't know y that is. Perhaps we may b the small number of peeps who have gotten the wrong impression... but i start doing my oil changes n my coolant changes from now on... i won't bring it to them. The only thing i like about them is... they love asking wut pressure i like my wheels at. HAHAHA. They r pretty professional about taking care of u... but as for their techs... i wouldnt trust them n e more after my experience. Tom
  10. Dextron III is made to replace Dex II. So go wit III. Or so i hear from many people. Same with the P/S fluid.
  11. I've never done it. But it looks pretty cool though. I wouldn't mind seeing how a gold or red one would look on mine. However... my car doesn't have n e thing fancy like rims or body kits. My car is just plain old stock stuff :P But to answer ur questions... here is a link. Hope this helps. The guy painted it gold. Showed some steps... n even put a Lexus logo sticker on it. So take a look... n pick a nice warm day to do it. HEHE Tom Well u live in Arizona... i guess everyday is warm.
  12. Great input... n welcome to the club. As for my sis's b/f's car.... he still hasn't taken the kickers out from a professional... though he has changed the battery yet again since it was under warranty. He said he would do it this coming week... so i'll let u guys know. Tom
  13. :chairshot: :chairshot: Thats wut i would do to the guy. He wants u to take 20% of the blame?!?! That's ludacris. He blew the light @ 60mph... that's highway speed... he should've judged the light better. The way these insurance company's r operating... kinda makes me mad. Wut happened to being honest? Tom
  14. not trying to b mean to the woman... cause i do feel bad for her... but she was the one who freaken caused the accident. Was she using at least a handsfree? Well i guess different states have different laws about talking on the cell phone while driving. Well i'm glad ur friend walked out alive as it should always b that way. The sad reality is... the one who usually causes the accident usually are the ones who walks... while the ones who receive r the ones hospitalized... n at times in the graves. I'm really suprised he only walked off with such minor injuries... an impact at 50mph is no
  15. i definitely had to change mine. I definitely had noise coming out of it... so i couldn't repack it wit grease n new boot... even though they said i could. I knew mine was pretty much fried... so i had to get mine changed. Especially how they salt the freaken roads up there. Thanks Toys for that thorough walk through to answering each questions. Tom
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