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Sc300 Center Armrest


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little clear bumpers for kitchen cabinets as stated above, work great.

mine have lasted six months and still there.

Same here, $1.98 at Target, and they fit perfectly. You can't see them at all, and it kept the stupid thing from rattling every time I put my elbow down on it. The spacing is perfect, closes tight but not too tight.

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If you are talking about the crack that appears where the pull handle attachs to the door panel, this is another common problem. The molded panel and attachment points to the door were not strong enough to handle the heavy weight SC doors. The plastic cracks and now there is some movement in the door panel when you pull the door shut. This is very common to the drivers door as it is used more. To fix this, you must remove the door panel and reinforce the cracks with epoxy. I also fabricated a sheetmetal brace to reinforce this area.

You will understand what I am talking about when you remove the door panel and look at the inside and see the cracks.

Hope this helps!


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